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Changing Shoes: A Conversation With Tina Sloan

Loyal Guiding Light fans have undoubtedly heard of Tina Sloan's (Lillian) book Changing Shoes and her one-woman play of the same title. In fact they have probably read the book from cover to cover several times and are making plans to attend her play later this month. If Michele Dargan's recent interview with Tina is any indication, fans have good reason to be excited about the actress's latest projects. I have not read Changing Shoes yet but I can tell you that after reading this interview I will definitely be adding it to my list of must-read books. Even if you never watched a single episode of Guiding Light I encourage everyone to take a moment to read Michele's interview, as Tina explains the life changes and struggles that served as her inspiration. Trust me you'll only want to read more. 

To read Michele Dargan's interview with Tina Sloan click here.

If you would like to purchase a copy of Changing Shoes from you may use the link below and I will…