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More on Moreti: Actor Steven Moreti Opens Up About His Life, Career, and Desire to be on General Hospital

A few years ago I became acquainted with Steven Moreti, an up and coming actor who has appeared in a variety of well-known movies and television shows including "In Her Shoes" and "Annapolis", as well as CBS's "The Bold and the Beautiful". I recently had the opportunity and honor of interviewing Steven about his career, most notably his desire to be on "General Hospital". Read the full interview below and be sure to join the facebook page that was set up specifically to generate interest in getting Steven on "General Hospital".

photo provided by Steven Moreti

You've made a few appearances on the "Bold and the Beautiful," but have been lobbying to be on General Hospital" for a while, so what is it about this particular soap that attracts you?

First, let me mention something quickly about B&B... When I walked onto the set, the first person I saw was Rick Hearst (GH's Rick Lansing). My first few moments on the …