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Indecent Exposure: GH

So obviously I haven't posted a blog about GH in a while, for a number of reasons, but mostly because I was afraid my head might explode if I started ranting about everything that is wrong with this show right now. I could go on and on about the horrible Robin exit storyline and how this character has all but been destroyed by it, but I won't. I could scream and yell and pitch a fit about how useless almost every new character on this show is and how we're overdue for a serial killer, natural disaster, or mob war to wipe out some of the dead weight, but I won't. No, I'm not going to get into all of that right now, but I do want to talk about the incredible ickiness of Molly and TJ's almost escapade. As if seeing TJ with a backpack full of essentials for his big night wasn't creepy enough, then there's the image of Molly, in a nightie. Let's forget for a moment that they look like they're about 12, which they were four years ago, but what was wit…