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Easton, Howarth, and Alderson Back to GH...As Different Characters!

The legal mess between Prospect Park and ABC continues and it's creating a lot of drama. According to TV Guide.comMichael Easton, Roger Howarth, and Kristen Alderson will be returning to General Hospital as planned, however they will most likely be playing entirely different characters. While I have been hoping these three actors would return to GH, I can't say I'm happy about the prospect of them playing new characters. In my opinion this is worse than if the actors had simply left the show. I really can't foresee any creative solution to this problem, especially in the case of Michael Easton, who has already played dual roles on GH, one of which was a vampire. Yes, soap viewers routinely suspend the reality of disbelief, but since Starr, Todd, and John have become such significant characters on GH I don't see how they can possibly come back as different characters anytime soon. I might be able to get on board with one actor returning in this capacity, but three? …

The Wait is Almost Over for AMC and OLTL!

The wait is almost over! All My Children and One Life to Live will be returning April 29th on Hulu and iTunes. For those of you who don't like watching programs on your computer you can watch these shows on your tv if you have a Hulu Plus subscription and a device capable of streaming Hulu (apple tv, xbox, wii, various blu-ray players and tvs). Hulu is currently offering a free one week trial, after that it is about $8 a month. I'm assuming you can still watch these shows for free on basic Hulu but it will require you to view them on your computer. As for iTunes, I'm not sure what the specifications will be for watching these shows, but when I find out I will post details here immediately. In the meantime, here are a few links you will find helpful: 

Hulu Plus
Supported Devices for Hulu Plus
Watch All My Children on Hulu
Watch One Life to Live on Hulu

UPDATED: Is Brandon Barash (Johnny) Leaving General Hospital?

UPDATE: Michael Fairman Soapsis reporting that Barash's management team has now confirmed his exit. No word yet on when his last air date will be or how his character will exit the show. Barash's character Johnny is currently serving time in Pentonville so they may simply let him slip off the canvas. As soon as more details emerge I'll post them on here. 

A few hours ago actor Brandon Barash, who plays Johnny Zacchara on General Hospital saddened and confused fans when he announced he was leaving the show to pursue a career in the NBA. So far there have been no official announcements from show representatives, so was this a twisted joke on Barash's part or is he really leaving the show he has been a part of since 2007? Read his tweet below and decide for yourself: 

GH Alum Brianna Brown (Lisa Niles) Shares Excitement Over People Magazine Honor!

In the People Magazine Collector's Edition, which celebrates 50 years of General Hospital, Brianna Brown (ex-Lisa Niles) was named one of the soap's best villains. The actress shared her excitement over this news with fans via facebook :

According to multiple websites the special edition of People is on newsstands now. A hardcover version is also expected to be released on March 12th!

OLTL Co-Head Writer Thom Racina Posts New Video on Show's Reboot!

OLTL Co-Head Writer Thom Racina has been taking tofacebook to give fans insight on what they can expect from their beloved soap when it begins airing again next month via The Online Network. In this latest video from Racina he teases fans about the new direction of the show and what the freedom of the Internet will mean for the show's storylines.