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Great Cesar's Ghost: GH

I think we all knew after last Friday's episode that Duke was really Cesar Faison, even those of us who weren't watching GH the last time he wreaked havoc in Port Charles. It made perfect sense that a supervillain would be holding Robin captive. How else would one explain her surviving that explosion? Only a supervillain could pull that off; and only a supervillain could make the idea of someone passing themselves off as someone else by wearing a latex mask seem plausible. I'm a little irritated that Anna didn't pick up on the fact that she was kissing someone with a rubber face, but I'm willing to let go of that for now because this reveal answered a lot of lingering questions about why "Duke" would be holding Robin captive. I had all but resigned myself to the fact that the writers must have been making things up as they went along, with little or no regard for the show's history. I am pleased that was not the case and that GH's history is actua…