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DOOL's Greg Vaughan Stars in New Hallmark Channel Christmas Movie!

Actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler and soap opera fave Greg Vaughan are starring in a new Hallmark Channel movie, The Christmas Note, based on the New York Times Bestselling Novel by Donna VanLiere. 

The Christmas Note marks the fifth movie in The Christmas Shoes series.

The Christmas Note airs this Sunday, November 29th at 9/8c pm on Hallmark Channel Movies & Mysteries. Check out the promo below: 

UPDATE: Youthful Daze Creator Bryan James Suing GH's Bryan Craig

UPDATE: Bryan Craig reached out to me today via e-mail. He says he cannot talk about the case, but that the allegations are untrue. 

If you are following General Hospital's Bryan Craig on twitter you probably saw this tweet: 

If you are like me you wondered what it was all about, particularly since Youthful Daze seems to have no shortage of high profile actors wanting to be on the show. Clicking on the tweet to see the replies revealed that Craig is apparently being sued by the show's creator, Bryan James. Further details were difficult to find, so I went right to the source and talked to Bryan James about his lawsuit.  According to him, Bryan Craig was under contract with Youthful Daze and was paid a sum total of $20,000 in advance. A problem arose when, according to James, Bryan started making excuses not to come in to work. James accuses him of being in breach of contract for that and for not promoting the show, which is apparently also included in the contract. In addition, …