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GH's Julie Marie Berman (Lulu) OUT!

I guess the rumors were true -- ABC Soaps in Depthhas announced that Julie Marie Berman, who has played Lulu on General Hospital since 2005 is now exiting the show. Apparently Berman just taped her final episode yesterday. The actress made the following statement on twitter about her departure: 

There is no word yet on whether GH intends to recast the character.

GH Alum Ingo Rademacher to Dancing with the Stars!

It looks like soap fans will once again have a reason to watch Dancing with the Stars when the show returns March 18th. According to Access Hollywood,on-again/off-again GH star Ingo Rademacher (Jax) will be competing on the hit ABC show alongside professional dancer Kym Johnson. 

Other cast members include Kellie Pickler, Wynona Judd, and Andy Dick. For a complete list of contestants go to

Will you be rooting for Ingo this season?

All My Updates!

I have tons of updates to tell you about on the AMC reboot. First off Jill Larson (Opal) announced via facebookAJ has been aged and will be played by actor Eric Nelson (pictured below).

Larson also posted a pic of the new Cassandra, played by Sal Stowers...

a pic of Miranda played by Denyse Tontz...

and a pic of Opal's son Petey, played by Rob Wilson...

Also Jordi Vilasuso (Griffin, ex-Tony, GL) posted a video tour of the new dressing rooms: 

In addition Soap Opera Networkis reporting that actor Ryan Bittle will be playing JR Chandler:

photo by Hallmark Channel 

Also, Soap Opera Digestis reporting that Ray MacDonnell (Dr. Joe Martin) will be appearing in the reboot. 

In other news Susan Lucci appearing on The View this morning and talked about the possibility of returning to AMC. See a clip below: 

Also ABC Soaps in Depthis reporting that two new teens have been cast on the show - actors Dorell Anthony and Natasha Tax. No word yet on who they will be playing. 

Kassie DePaiva Excited for New OLTL!

Earlier today actress Kassie DePaiva (Blair, OLTL) tweeted her excitement for the OLTL reboot, set to begin production later this month. 

It's difficult not to get excited about the renewal of these soaps when the stars are this enthused. Despite the fact that many people don't like watching tv online, I really hope AMC and OLTL can defy the odds and build an audience, making history in the process. Now that we are down to only four soaps on network tv the success of these shows online is imperative to the future of the genre. 
According to ABC Soaps in DepthAMC and OLTL will alternate their tapings in Connecticut until both shows have filmed for 17 weeks.

Is John Stamos Coming Back to GH??

Last week I posted a series of tweets from actor John Stamos (ex-Blackie, GH), where he showed off pictures from his visit to the set of General Hospital. Now comes a report from that Stamos has met with GH execs and would indeed be open to a return if he could do some acting. Apparently the show had originally wanted him to play back-up for Rick Springfield during a rendition of "Jessie's Girl", but the actor passed...good call! It does sound as though he is open to coming back to the show even if he can't appear in time for the 50th anniversary.

Dear GH: Make. It. Happen - This is a struggling genre and if a successful actor who began his career on this show wants to return AND do some actual acting, LET HIM! This is a far better offer than your original idea to have him appear as part of some cheap stunt.

You can watch Stamos talk about his possible return to GH Monday on The Jeff Probst Show. Check out a clip of that interview below!

AMC and OLTL Start Dates Announced!

Earlier today Soap Opera Digest posted a press release from The Online Network, the future home of All My Children and One Life to Live. The release states that production for both shows will begin on February 25th. They will air sometime this spring. 

As previously reported the following actors have been confirmed to re-join AMC: 

Lindsay Hartley (Cara)
Vincent Irizarry (David)
Thorsten Kaye (Zach)
Jill Larson (Opal)
Cady McClain (Dixie)
Debbi Morgan (Angie)
Jordi Vilasuso (Griffin)
Darnell Williams (Jesse)

In addition ABC Soaps in Depthis reporting that David Canary (Adam/Stuart) is coming back and that Susan Lucci (Erica) will re-join for one episode. 

The following actors have signed on for OLTL:

Melissa Archer (Natalie)
Nick Choksi (Vimal)
Kassie DePaiva (Blair)
Josh Kelly (Cutter)
Florencia Lozano (Tea)
Kelley Missal (Danielle)
Sean Ringgold (Shaun)
Erika Slezak (Victoria)
Hillary B. Smith (Nora)
Robin Strasser (Dorian)
Shenaz Treasury (Rama)
Andrew Trischitta (Jack)
Jerry verDorn (Clint)
Tuc Watkins (D…

They'll Be Back: Laura Wright Tweets Return of Howarth, Easton, and Alderson

Eariler today General Hospital's Laura Wright (Carly) tweeted that we will indeed be seeing more of Michael Easton, Roger Howarth, and Kristen Alderson on the show. Of course it remains to be seen if we will be seeing them in the same roles. As I posted last week there has been speculation that these three actors would return to GH as different characters. This would mean that the roles of Todd, Starr, and John would be recast on the OLTL reboot. Obviously Michael Easton is playing dual roles on GH right now, so could we be saying goodbye to John at some point, and hello to Caleb? I guess we'll have to stay tuned to find out.

John Stamos Visits GH Set!

Well this should make a few longtime General Hospital fans happy. Actor John Stamos (ex-Blackie) recently posted a string of tweets about his visit to the GH set. He even responded to one fan's tweet about wanting Blackie to return to the show. Read his tweets below and check out the youtube clip of his GH stint from the 80's.

Instagram photo

On Air with Sean Kanan (AJ, GH)

This should be interesting!ABC Soaps in Depthis reporting that actor Sean Kanan (AJ, GH) and his wife will be hosting their own Internet radio show beginning tomorrow night at 8 PST. The show is called "Kanan's Rules" and will air every Wednesday at

Do you plan to listen?

AMC's Debbi Morgan (Angie) Tweets Start Date for Taping Show Reboot!

Actress Debbi Morgan tweets the start date for taping the AMC reboot. It looks like things are well under way. Here's hoping everything works out this time. 

Are you excited for the new AMC? 

Behind Closed Doors: GH

Well, I saw this coming about a mile away and I'm not at all happy about it. I am, of course, talking about Britt and Maxie teaming up to destroy Sabrina. First of all, I don't buy that Britt and Sabrina are at all in love with Patrick. Britt has never acted like Patrick was any more than a conquest; and I think what Sabrina is experiencing is merely a school girl crush. 

I get that Britt is angry because she has such a massive ego, but that's all it is. She didn't just lose a husband, or some great love of her life. She's basically a stalker whose prey got away. And instead of throwing a fit like a toddler, she needs a major reality check and possibly some sort of medication. 

All of this is bad enough, but I really hate that GH has decided to involve Maxie in this mess. This show had an opportunity to tell a story about a formerly selfish woman doing one of the most selfless things she could do for her best friend, be her surrogate. I think this was the story that …

Robin Strasser Tweets OLTL Shooting Date - Credits Fans!

Earlier today OLTL's Robin Strasser (Dorian) tweeted the date they will begin taping the show's reboot  and thanks fans for making it possible: 

Are you excited for the new OLTL?

Easton, Alderson, Howarth OUT!

For a while now we have all been expecting that Roger Howarth (Todd, GH), Michael Easton (John, GH), and Kristen Alderson (Starr, GH) would soon be exiting GH due to legal entanglements between ABC and Prospect Park. That has now been confirmed. While disappointing for some, including myself, who thought their characters integrated into GH quite nicely, the news gets worse. According to Soap Opera Digest, Prospect Park will most likely recast the roles of Todd, Star, and John, allowing Howarth, Easton, and Alderson to come back to GH at some point, but as different characters. 
Personally, I don't foresee any situation where this could work out to anyone's advantage, least of all the viewers. Let's just hope the writers of both shows can come up with a creative and engaging solution to this casting mess, no matter how it works out. 

Michael Easton and Kristen Alderson have released statements to their fans via facebook and twitter: 

Stay tuned as this story continues to unfol…