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Caption This! Tuesday! Results!

This week's caption contest included both Broken at Loveand Classic Alice ! Here are the results. We had a tie in both: 

Broken at Love -
Winner #1 is...

ICYMI: Paula's Soapbox Pajama Party!

Well, we had some technical difficulties this week, so we were late getting started, but we somehow managed to have a good show anyway! In case you weren't able to tune in here is this week's Pajama Party. Liz and I chatted about The Young and the Restless, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital, Downton Abbey, and the Primetime Emmy Awards! We even played this week's Y&R Promo, but unfortunately there was no sound! (Like I said, technical difficulties) Aside from that it was a great show, so be sure to check it out! Also please join us for our next Pajama Party segment! It's a completely interactive experience and lots of fun! If you like talking about daytime and primetime dramas it's definitely the place to be!

Caption This! Thursday! Results

Here are the results for this week's General Hospital caption contest! Enjoy! 

We have a tie this week!
Winner #1 is…

Paula's Pick: Classic Alice

I've decided to start something new on the blog to introduce my readers to various shows or artists that they may have never heard about. I watch a lot of different shows on tv and the web; and if you know me, you know I never endorse something I don't like. That's what this blog segment is about. If I see or hear something I like and I think others will like it too, I'll post it on here. Had I started this earlier, Broken at Love, The Bay, and Super Knocked Upwould have most certainly been "Paula's Picks," as would artists Keaton Simons, Phoebe Sharp, and Rie Sinclair. I now have a new pick to add to the list, a web series called Classic Alice

Classic Alice follows the life of a young, female college student, named Alice Rackham, played by series creator Kate Hackett. Accustomed to receiving mostly A's, Alice is disappointed to see that one of her papers only warranted a B-. Her teacher's accompanying critique only adds insult to injury, telling…

Caption This! Tuesday! Results

Take a look at this week's winning captions from Broken at Loveand Super Knocked Up!

The winning caption for Broken at Love is…

Caption This! Thursday! Results

We had a 5-way tie in this week's General Hospital caption contest. Normally I would've included Young and the Restless in this too, but I had difficulty finding images. 

Winner #1 is…

TV Guide's Michael Logan Disputes Michael Muhney's Claims That He Was In Talks to Return to Y&R!

In a twitter reply last night, TV Guide's Michael Logan disputed an earlier claim made by Michael Muhney (ex-Adam, Y&R) that he had been in talks to return to the show that fired him just eight months ago. The tweet reads:  

And the plot thickens...

Michael Muhney NOT Returning to Y&R!

Yesterday, actor Michael Muhney (ex-Adam, Y&R) took to twitter to let his fans know he would not be returning to the Young and the Restless. Personally I didn't even realize this was a remote possibility, but this is what Muhney had to say on the subject: 

He then followed up with a series of tweets, including this reply which seems to address the allegations that he groped one of his cast-mates (rumored to be Hunter King, who plays Summer on the show):

Although Muhney will no longer be involved on the show, the Adam character is still very much alive, though a recast has yet to be announced. Muhney joined Y&R in 2009, as a replacement for actor Chris Engen when he left the show. 

Caption This! Tuesday!

This week our caption contest consisted of both Broken at Love and Dating in the Middle Ages. Here are the results: 

The winner of this week's Broken at Love caption contest is…

Thatta Gurl Kelly Sullivan!

Kelly Sullivan certainly hasn't let the grass grow under her feet since exiting General Hospital. After she heard the news that a close friend had received a shocking cancer diagnosis, she wanted to do anything she could to help her. She started researching all aspects of health and wellness, eventually becoming a health coach. The more she learned, the more inspired she became to expand her platform, to inspire and encourage women to love and take care of themselves. So along with co-founders Jillian Fouts and Kelly Ross, she created Thatta Gurl, a website and online community featuring health and wellness tips and inspirational stories. There are recipes, fitness tips, interviews, and more. The site even has freebies for you to check out. And who doesn't love freebies? Visit the site today and sign up for their monthly newsletter, which brings all the latest from Thatta Gurl right to your inbox. You can also find more information on Thatta Gurl by following them on twitteran…

Caption This! Thursday! Results

Here are the results for this week's General Hospital caption contest with a bonus captioning for Young and the Restless!

We have a tie in this week's GH caption contest!
Winner #1 is…

Caption This! Tuesday

We have a tie in this week's Broken at Love caption contest! 

Winner #1 is…

BONUS Caption This! Super Knocked Up  The winner is...

Vanessa Marcil Gets Stranded!

GH Alum Vanessa Marcil is starring in a new Hallmark Channel Original Movie, alongside former Desperate Housewives star James Denton. Stranded in Paradise follows career woman Tess (Marcil), as her business trip to Puerto Rico goes awry, presenting unexpected possibilities when she meets Carter (Denton).

Stranded in Paradise premieres this Saturday, August 9th at 9/8c on the Hallmark Channel.

Calling All 90210 Fans!

Were you a fan of Beverly Hills 90210? The TV Guide Network is asking fans to take a picture of themselves holding up one of the numbers in the famous zip code. Pictures may be used in a commercial! Share your picture on the TV Guide Network Facebook Pageor post it on twitter using #IHeartBH90210!

Caption This! Thursday!

Here are the results for this week's GH/Y&R Caption Contest:

General Hospital - We have a tie! 

Winner #1 is…

And the winning Y&R caption is...