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Paula's Pick: Classic Alice

I've decided to start something new on the blog to introduce my readers to various shows or artists that they may have never heard about. I watch a lot of different shows on tv and the web; and if you know me, you know I never endorse something I don't like. That's what this blog segment is about. If I see or hear something I like and I think others will like it too, I'll post it on here. Had I started this earlier, Broken at Love, The Bay, and Super Knocked Up would have most certainly been "Paula's Picks," as would artists Keaton Simons, Phoebe Sharp, and Rie Sinclair. I now have a new pick to add to the list, a web series called Classic Alice

Classic Alice follows the life of a young, female college student, named Alice Rackham, played by series creator Kate Hackett. Accustomed to receiving mostly A's, Alice is disappointed to see that one of her papers only warranted a B-. Her teacher's accompanying critique only adds insult to injury, telling this aspiring writer that he doesn't think she is identifying emotionally with the material. For better or worse this prompts her to start living her life according to classic literature and its most prominent characters. 

Classic Alice is an engaging and charming web series with characters that are relatable and likable. The acting is top notch, which really gives one the sense that they are watching someone's life unfold through a window. The fact that Alice's friend, Andrew Prichard, played by Tony Noto, documents her journey on camera adds to that sensation. For that, and so many other reasons, investing in Alice's life is effortless, much like reading a great piece of literature. 

Click here to watch Classic Alice from the beginning. 


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GL Alum Launches Indiegogo Campaign for Music Video!

UPDATE: Morgan Englund's Indiegogo campaign is now 76% funded. To meet his goal, $2,418 will need to be donated by June 2nd. 

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