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Sound of Music Alum Heads to Nashville!

TV Guideis reporting that Laura Benanti, who played Elsa Schrader on NBC's "The Sound of Music LIVE" will be joining the cast of Nashville for its third season. She'll be playing the part of Sadie Stone, a musician friend of Rayna's.

Nashville returns Wednesday, September 24th at 10/9c!

Caption This! Tuesday!

Time to announce the winners of this week's Broken at Love caption contest. We also included another screen cap from the web series Dating in the Middle Ages. Here are the results:

Broken at Love Winning Caption

Caption This! Thursday!

Time to announce the results of this week's General Hospital caption contest with a bonus contest for Y&R!

We have a 3-way tie for the General Hospital contest & here are the winning captions:

Winner #1 is…

Caption This! Tuesday

Here are the results for this week's Broken at Love caption contest, with a bonus caption for Super Knocked Up!

Broken at Love - 3-way tie! 

Super Knocked Up Winner

Why Lucy Didn't Say Goodbye to Rafe: GH

Were you one of the viewers wondering why Lucy, Rafe's cousin wasn't present at his deathbed? According to Soap Opera Digest, head writer Ron Carlivati said "there was so much story going on at the hospital, with Molly and Rafe, with Alice [that it] just became too big and too complicated."

Ed. note: I understand, far more important that we have TJ and Nina in there instead of Lucy.

To read the rest of Carlivati's statement go to

Here's what's coming up on General Hospital:

UPDATE Weight - Casting News!

More casting news for the upcoming series Weight!

Actor Bradley White will be joining the cast as Claire's (Martha Byrne) husband Ben. And actress Dee Freeman will be playing Claire's trainer!

Earlier, on twitter, Weight made the announcement that Trent Dawson (Henry, ATWT) will also be joining the cast!

Martha Byrne's (ex-Lily/Rose, ATWT, ex-Andrea, GH) upcoming web series "Weight" is shaping up to have quite a remarkable cast.

Aside from Byrne, the show has announced that actress Allison Smith (Mallory, The West Wing) will be joining the show as Byrne's sister, Melanie.

In addition, Peyton Ella (Gretl Von Trapp, TV's LIVE Sound of Music) will play Byrne's youngest daughter Jane.

Kate West (daughter of Maura West and Scott DeFrietas) will play Byrne's daughter Fern.

I'll keep everyone posted as more updates become available. In the meantime if you would like to make a financial contribution to the series go to…

Caption This! Thursday

In case you missed it on the Facebook page, here's the winning caption for this week's GH caption contest:

Caption Contest Tuesday!

For Tuesday's Caption This! we included the web series Dating in the Middle Agesalong with Broken at Love. Here are the results:

Broken at Love - 3-way tie

Be sure to check out both of these great shows by clicking on their respective titles at the top of this post! And to participate in our weekly caption contests be sure sure to join my Facebookpage!

Maura West Hits the Big Screen!

As the World Turns/Young and the Restless Alum and General Hospital star Maura West (Ava) may be coming to a theater near you! She's in a new movie called "Come Back to Me," which, according to Soaps in Depth, was written and directed by Paul Leyden (ex-Simon, ATWT). The film is set to premiere July 25th in theaters, iTunes, and OnDemand. Check out the trailer below:

Caption This! Thursday

We had a little caption contest combo fun this week on the facebook page with General Hospital and Young and the Restless! Here are the results!

Caption Contest Tuesday!

Normally on Tuesdays we play Caption This! on the Facebook page using screen caps from the hit web series Broken at Love, but this week we added a screen cap from another successful web series Super Knocked Up since their season 2 finale debuted this week. Here are the results!

Chatting with the Cast of Super Knocked Up

At long last the season 2 finale of the web series Super Knocked Up will be released tomorrow, so I thought I would post the interviews I conducted with the cast in case anyone missed them or just wanted to see them again! :) (Please ignore the quality of some of these videos, I had technical difficulties with Skype, but finally wised up and switched to Google Hangout - those are much better! )

Catherine Mancuso aka Cheery Villain Daniela Malave aka Darcy Danger  Jeff Burns - creator/writer Mark Pezzula aka Captain Amazing Jourdan Gibson aka Darkstar Yvonne Perry aka Mom