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Singer/Songwriter Phoebe Sharp Takes Her Career to New 'Heights'

Anyone who watches the new Nick-at-Nite soap "Hollywood Heights" knows that music is at the heart and soul of the show. It plays an integral part in both defining the characters and illuminating the emotions of each scene.

I recently had the privilege of interviewing up and coming singer/songwriter Phoebe Sharp, whose music has been featured on the show.

This is what Phoebe had to say about her music and its place on "Hollywood Heights":

Your song "Everything Fades" is featured in a poignant scene where the audience really gets their first glimpse of who Max, Katie, and Eddie were as a family. So how did all of this come about, having one of your songs featured on Hollywood Heights? Did you know how it would be incorporated into the show?

I was so honored to find out that my song, "Everything Fades," was playing during the first real intimate scene portraying Max, Katie, and Eddie's relationship. The scene had a lot of sadness and longing, it wa…