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Steamboat: First Impressions

I just finished watching the premiere episodes of the latest web series "Steamboat," written by former Guiding Light star Michael O' Leary (ex-Rick). This is completely different than the online projects other soap stars have created because it is not a soap. It is a satirical look at the world of soaps as they exist today. Only the first two episodes have been posted on youtube so far and since each one runs less than ten minutes long, it is difficult to predict the show's success or failure. However I think that soap fans, and Guiding Light fans in particular, will at the very least enjoy seeing their favorite stars in these comedic roles. Michael Park (Jack, ATWT) and Beth Chamberlin (ex-Beth, GL) seem especially suited for this type of comedy, as does O' Leary. And overall I think this show possesses all the elements it needs to accumulate a significant following. The production quality is good and it features a talented, well-rounded cast who seem to work we…

Excusable Indiscretions: GH

Well it appears that we have finally arrived at the beginning of the Spencer/Cassadine storyline. And while I hate to judge it before it has even started, I am not sure I am going to be fond of any storyline that serves as an extension of the Nik/Liz/Lucky triangle. In principle this triangle could have been a good plot point if it had been written as an intriguing story about a woman in love with two brothers with a complicated history. Instead it has been twisted and distorted so that it now appears that the only reason Liz cheated on Lucky is because she suddenly lost her mind. This is not only inconsistent with the way Liz and Nik's affair began but it is an insult to the intelligence of every viewer who remembers Liz cheating on Lucky with Jason. At that time Lucky was addicted to pain pills and sleeping with Maxie, yet Liz's mental stability remained intact even as she carried Jason's child and hid the paternity from Lucky. Liz's current pregnancy makes me believ…

Pushing the Limit: DOOL

Days' baby switch storyline should have ended weeks ago, but since it was discovered that Sydney was indeed Sami's child there have been countless contrived efforts to keep the suspense going, beginning with Nicole kidnapping Sydney. However, I think the show has gone a little too far with E.J.'s sinister plot to make Sami believe that her baby is dead. There are far too many real life cases involving the discovery of a missing child's bloody clothes for the show to use that scenario in a twisted storyline such as this. This is particularly unsettling considering that at some point they will undoubtedly try to redeem E.J. again in an attempt to reunite him with Sami. It is as if Days has forgotten that many, if not most of their viewers are women, many of whom likely have children.

As I have said in previous posts there are right ways and wrong ways of involving and depicting children in these types of storylines. Soaps can be shocking and sensitive to their viewers at …

Two of A Kind: GH

As I watched Monday's General Hospital it occurred to me that there may be a potential pairing that perhaps the writers have not considered yet, Sonny and Liz. Think about it, they both seem to be completely out of touch with reality, which may be enough to convince them that they could actually have a functional relationship. In fact they may very well be the most delusional people in all of Port Charles. Liz thinking that her connection with Lucky might be enough for him to forgive her, and Sonny thinking his connection with Dante might be enough to earn his forgiveness.

Still not convinced that these two are a perfect match? I have formulated a list of their compatibilities just in case.

1.) They are both incapable of taking responsibility for their actions because there always seem to be extenuating circumstances for their mistakes.

2.) They always manage to hurt their children without even trying.

3.) They are both impulsive and never think of the consequences of their actions.


Sonny Side: GH

As one of many General Hospital viewers I know that Sonny is a central part of the show, just as I know that at some point I am going to find him likable again and perhaps even feel sorry for him. However I think that the show has been trying a little too hard to make this happen earlier than it should. I was particularly frustrated with the dialogue on Wednesday's episode, especially the sentiments expressed by Carly and Luke.

"Sonny, like Dante, is

complicated and sometimes he

does the wrong things for the

right reasons."


Carly could not have picked a more inappropriate time to seek sympathy and understanding for Sonny than in the hospital the day after he shot Dante. I could overlook the conversation she had with Olivia in which she made excuses for Sonny's lifestyle because, quite frankly, that is what a lot of viewers do on a daily basis, myself included. Carly crossed a line though when she told Lulu, in Dante's hospital room, "that Sonny, like Dante…