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Sonny Side: GH

As one of many General Hospital viewers I know that Sonny is a central part of the show, just as I know that at some point I am going to find him likable again and perhaps even feel sorry for him. However I think that the show has been trying a little too hard to make this happen earlier than it should. I was particularly frustrated with the dialogue on Wednesday's episode, especially the sentiments expressed by Carly and Luke.

"Sonny, like Dante, is

complicated and sometimes he

does the wrong things for the

right reasons."


Carly could not have picked a more inappropriate time to seek sympathy and understanding for Sonny than in the hospital the day after he shot Dante. I could overlook the conversation she had with Olivia in which she made excuses for Sonny's lifestyle because, quite frankly, that is what a lot of viewers do on a daily basis, myself included. Carly crossed a line though when she told Lulu, in Dante's hospital room, "that Sonny, like Dante, is complicated and sometimes...does the wrong things for the right reasons." To say the least it was insensitive of her to make that statement at that time and place, but more importantly there was absolutely no reason for Sonny to shoot Dante.

Then there was Luke, with all of his ramblings and lectures on being non-judgemental still found a way to pass judgement on Dante, someone he barely knows. He was quick to express sympathy for what Sonny was going to face in shooting Dante, yet he immediately made assumptions about Dante's character based on nothing more than the fact that he was an undercover cop.

With all of this compassion for Sonny despite his attempt to kill Dante, it makes it difficult to believe that no one came to Claudia's defense for accidentally getting Michael shot.


  1. I totally get where you're coming from. Both Sonny and Jason always end up coming out on top no matter what their actions are. Question is, will it always be that way or will someone finally be able to take down Sason in any shape or form?

  2. i can see what you are saying. My issue is that Sonny was ready to take Dante's life but then when he finds out that they are father and child, Sonny is like, "tell Dante i love him..." Really? I don't know. That just got me...

  3. Hi GHfanatic91!

    Good question! I think it would be alright if the show let this play out for a while with people (including Sonny) actually admitting that he had done something wrong and receive punishment for it. I don't think the show should try to "villainize" him one day and then try to make everyone sympathize with him the next. That is what they are trying to do with Liz right now, and I think that just kind of ruins the credibility of the storylines and the characters.


  4. Hi Anonymous!

    Yes, that annoyed me as well. The overall sentiment with a lot of the characters seems to be that the only thing Sonny did wrong was that he shot his own son, but that he should be excused for that because he didn't know that was his son at the time. It is like no one but Lulu, Kristina, and Morgan recognizes that Sonny shooting Dante was just wrong no matter how you look at it. For me personally I couldn't believe that Sonny would show such little mercy for a man that had saved his life, Morgan's life, and Lulu's life.


  5. I totally agree. I knew that they were going to find a way to make us like him again, but to force it like this so soon afterwards. It makes me crazy. I was really angry on Wednesday and Thursday's episode.

    I had the same thought, "they are ruining this story" because it has/had been, up to this point, a fantastically done story. I liked the way they played it out and didn't rush any of it. And yet, now, it seems they are trying to get us back to where we like Sonny.

    For the record, I never liked Sonny, but that was not so much to do with his mob connections rather than the fact that I can't stand his arrogant behind.

  6. Ok so I am just going to have to comment under Anonymous-

    hey paula,

    i thought you made some great points about it being too early to let Sonny back into our good graces. I for one was kinda disgusted by Luke considering the fact that although he didn't know Dante he wasn't put off by the fact that Sonny was so willing to shoot an unarmed cop. It makes me wonder if he has such little respect for Lucky's job that if it were to be Lucky instead of Dante we wouldn't have believed that it was Lucky's fault for being a cop in the first place.

    i love (sarcastically) how the most comments I am seeing (not on here mind you, but other places) is that fans are so willing to dismiss the shooting itself because Sonny didn't know that Dante was his son or that fans are so willing to blame the shooting on Olivia. That type of illogical thinking is beyond me. The mistakes of one do not excuse the mistake of another.

    In regards to Carly, I am so sick of her and the I Love Sonny & Jason show that I wish they would all go join Big Love and make it threesome official.


  7. Hi Rita!

    I usually like Sonny, despite his arrogance, but I think he crossed a line this time. And yes, they are trying to rush this story now. If they are going to take the time to build a story up they need to put the same amount of time into its resolution.


  8. Hi Mendie!

    I'm sorry you had so much trouble commenting. I don't know what that is about but I am going to check into it. I appreciate you telling me about it though because otherwise I wouldn't have known there was a problem.

    Okay, back to GH...

    Yeah, I really don't understand the idea that the only thing Sonny did wrong was shoot his own son. It wasn't like he accidentally shot him. Either way he intended to kill an unarmed police officer who had saved his life, Morgan's life, and Lulu's life. As for Luke, his comments made me wonder about what he would have thought if Lucky were in Dante's position too. I think overall Luke has a problem with anyone whose in a position to ruin his good time.


  9. Hi Paula,

    What I don't get is a)Olivia's "I didn't see Sonny shooting Dante" and Dante's "It was an accident." Sure, Olivia is partially correct, and Dante can always say "oh, it was the meds talking, sorry."
    But seriously, at this point in time, I find it hard to believe anyone would be loyal to Sonny.

    I was also sad to see Kristina get slapped and I was glad they did that public service announcement at the end.


  10. Hi Peggy!

    Yeah, I don't really understand Olivia and Dante's need to protect Sonny. I guess it is just a case of the show thinking that if they have Olivia and Dante show some sort of compassion for Sonny the viewers will be able to forgive him. It would be okay though for them to let the viewers stay mad at Sonny for a while. I don't think that would hurt the show any.

    It is difficult to watch Kristina being hit, but I am glad that they seem to be handling it responsibly with the PSA's at the end of the show. I have seen other soaps tackle sensitive subject matter where they haven't handled it this responsibly. As long as GH keeps doing that and they continue to tell this abuse story in a way that it might actually raise awareness and help someone who is watching then I am all for it.



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