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Broken at Love Season 3 Coming Soon!

Received the following press release from show creator/star Karolina Sivas. Season 3 premiere date will be announced soon! 

"Broken At Love," the award winning online series (Recently awarded Best Writing (Karolina Sivas), Best Lead Actress (Karolina Sivas), Best Supporting Actress (Pamela Bowen) by the largest international web series festival, LA Web Fest) is returning for Season 3. 

"Broken At Love" chronicles the life of idealistic college girl Vivienne "Vivie" Taylor (Karolina Sivas) who gets the rare chance to meet her celebrity crush, professional tennis player Holden Gregory, and her life is turned upside down. What starts as a crush turns into much more, with friends and competing love interests further complicating things along the way.  The first two seasons can be viewed at or subscribe at

The role of the charming heartbreaker Holden Gregory for Season 3 will be taken over by Bachelorette…