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Paula's Soapbox LIVE: Keaton Simons and Laura Goldfarb Interview

On Friday, Dec. 19th I had a super fun chat with singer/songwriter Keaton Simons and Red Boot PR's Laura Goldfarb. Keaton's music has been featured on Hollywood Heights (Other Side) and The Young and the Restless (Ready for a Lifetime - written and performed by Keaton and Rie Sinclair), to name just a few. Check out the interview below and if you like it please share!

UPDATE: Melody Thomas Scott's Mysterious Health Issue

Y&R actress Melody Thomas Scott was finally able to post an update on her Facebook page about her mysterious illness. The following are a series of screen shots from her posts which detail her ordeal: 

On Dec. 14th, Y&R actress Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki) posted a series of Facebook posts and tweets detailing a mysterious health issue that apparently began after treatment for a sinus infection. While details are still vague, it does appear that the actress has made some improvement, but it is evident that she is still struggling. Read what she had to say about it below:

Broken at Love Cast Featured in New Music Video!

Recently several cast members from the popular web series Broken at Love [I think you may have heard me mention it a time or two ;)] participated in a music video for Kiirstin Marilyn's song "The Struggle." Marilyn's music has been featured on the series numerous times and much of it, including "The Struggle," is available for purchase on iTunes. Check out the video for "The Struggle" featuring some of your faves from Broken at Love below:

Caption This! Tuesday! Results

This week, for the first time, I included the new web series Social Medium in the caption contests. Here are the results for both it and Broken at Love! 

Social Medium (3-way tie)

Winner #1 is…

Y&R's Amelia Heinle Needs Your Help - One on One Video Chat with the Actress Up for Grabs!

Y&R actress Amelia Heinle (Victoria) is launching her own clothing line and is asking fans for help. Earlier tonight Heinle posted a message on her Instagram account. It reads:
"Hi everyone!!! I'm creating my own clothing line and would love your support to please buy this t-shirt for $32! All the proceeds will go into my new adult and children's clothing line! I'm also having a contest to win a Skype video session with me! To Enter the Contest: 1. Repost this photo 2. Hashtag #Fashion #DearMarch #Contest 3. Tag @DearMarch and @AmeliaMHeinle 4. Buy a T-Shirt! One winner who follows the instructions above will win a Skype Video session with me! The T-Shirt sales & Contest ends Oct. 31st!"

Check out Amelia Heinle's new website Dear March!

Caption This! Thursday! Results

Here are the caption contest results for Thursday, October 9th:

General Hospital - tie 

Winner #1 is…

Caption This! Tuesday! Results

Here are the caption contest results from Tuesday, October 7th: 

Broken at Love - tie 
Winner #1 is…

Super Knocked Up
Winning caption is…

Weight Crazy: Launch Party for Weight the Series

The launch party for Martha Byrne's Weight was held tonight in NYC. If you were like me and couldn't make it in person, there were plenty of pictures and videos posted on Instagram, Facebook, and twitter. Check them out below:

Actor Corbin Bernsen on Christian Mingle The Movie and Mom Jeanne Cooper

Corbin Bernsen's movie Christian Mingle hits theaters this week and amidst all the promotion the actor took a moment to talk about his late mother, Jeanne Cooper. In addition, the Facebook page for Christian Mingle: The Movie posted a video of Bernsen talking about what he hopes people will take away from this film. Enjoy! 

Caption This! Thursday! Results

Here are caption contest results for Thursday, October 2nd:

We had a 3-way tie in the General Hospital caption contest! 
Winner #1 is…

Dallas's Josh Henderson Addresses Fans in Facebook Video

Caption This! Thursday! Results

Here are the results for this week's GH caption contest! There was a tie! 

Winner #1 is…

Caption This! Tuesday! Results

Here are the results for this week's Broken at Love/Dating in the Middle Ages caption contest! 

The Broken at Lovewinning caption is…