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Paula's Soapbox LIVE: Ben Taylor Interview

Here's my chat with Ben Taylor from the band Beecher's Fault! 

Paula's Soapbox LIVE: Jeannette Ronson Interview

Last week I chatted with the newly published author of Cinderella Borscht Belt, Jeannette Ronson. Check it out!

Paula's Soapbox LIVE: The Luck Interview

I recently conducted an interview with the brother/sister musical duo The Luck. I encourage everyone to check out their music!

Michael Easton Addresses Fans on His GH Exit

Prompted by his shocking GH exit, Michael Easton has taken to Facebook to express his gratitude to the fans who've been supporting him. Read his post below: 

He has also asked that fans send any questions they have to as a final interview.

Paula's Pick: Weight

With all of the tweeting I have done this past year, and the interviews I have conducted with Martha Byrne about her new web series Weight, it probably seemed like a given that this would be my latest 'pick'. However, I would not take the time to devote an entire post to anything I didn't fully believe in.

Weight premiered Sunday, August 2nd, and I'm happy to say that it exceeded my expectations. I knew the show would be funny and entertaining. How could a show about a weight loss reality show contestant not be? Daryn Strauss has created something so much more than a laugh-a-minute sitcom though. This show carries much more, dare I say, weight than that. The idea behind this show is inspired. Strauss has created a world that allows viewers to peek behind the curtain, offering a glimpse at one woman's so called Cinderella story. We get to see what happens after the happily ever after.

Three time Emmy winning actress, Martha Byrne plays Claire, a woman who competes on …