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A Whole New Life: OLTL

So I took the last couple of days to catch up on OLTL on Hulu. Just a reminder Hulu is free if you watch on your computer. Anyway I watched every episode, then read through viewer comments to see what the feedback was. The reaction was pretty much what I expected, even before the first episode ever aired. I knew enough about what the plans were for the show to know what viewers would most likely like or dislike, but this is what I observed. The production quality is much better than what I expected, not at all comparable to most online shows. The cast is much smaller than it was on ABC, which is to be expected. I'm sure this bothers a lot of viewers, but I sort of like it this way. It brings all the focus to three or four storylines instead of splitting that focus in a dozen different directions (I'm looking at you GH). I've seen a lot of complaints about the cussing. There's definitely more cussing than the original OLTL. The Internet doesn't carry the same types …

AMC and OLTL to Air Online Just Two Days a Week!

Today it was announced via The Online Network that All My Children and One Life to Live will now air twice a week on Hulu and iTunes as opposed to the previous four times a week. This is so the audience might more easily follow these shows long-term. It was determined that it may be too hard for people to fit in both of these shows in their daily tv viewing schedule, despite the fact that each episode of both shows is only 30 min. long. Below is an excerpt of the press release: 

we have chosen to revise our scheduling model beginning this Monday, May 20th by introducing two new episodes from OLTL and AMC each week- new episodes of AMC will now run on Mondays and Wednesdays, and fresh episodes of OLTL will post Tuesdays and Thursdays. MORE, our behind the scenes series, will run as a single show on Fridays. This allows us to introduce a new episode of quality television every Monday through Friday and gives the audience a chance to catch up as we continue to build awareness and exciteme…