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Port Charles Cupid: GH's Most Unlikely Romances

With all the things that General Hospital has gotten wrong lately, they seem to have an uncanny ability of making successful matches out of the most unlikely couples. Before Georgie died, and Maxie was at her most selfish, no one would have ever thought about a Spinelli and Maxie romance, let alone a non-wedding, but somehow it worked and the audience loved it. And even though this lovable pair has seen less screen time lately and are likely headed for turmoil, I suspect they will follow the same necessary pattern of break-ups and reconciliations that most soap supercouples do.

When Olivia Falconeri landed in Port Charles, I never would have predicted she would be involved with Johnny Zacchara. Olivia was not one to keep her opinions to herself, especially when it pertained to the mob lifestyle, so a relationship with a Zacchara seemed like a long shot at best. Moreover, Johnny is roughly the same age as Dante, so a pairing between him and Olivia wasn't even on anyone's radar the night they met at Jake's. Surprisingly enough though, this couple has such great chemistry that it is easy to forget the age difference. And despite numerous bumps in the road that would have destroyed most couples, Johnny and Olivia are still together after more than a year.

Diane and Max are without a doubt one of the most enjoyable couples to watch on daytime. I never pictured Diane with someone in Sonny's organization, especially Max. Diane is such a strong, no-nonsense character that I always assumed she would need to be matched with someone even tougher than she is in order for anything to work. And after seeing the way Max handled his school-boy crush on Carly, I certainly didn't think he fit that description. However, Max is secure enough that he complements Diane. He doesn't try to hold her back from being the person she is and provides a place where she can go to be herself, where she doesn't always have to be tough.

Whoever said "opposites attract" must have been talking about Kate and Coleman, or Kolemate as I like to call them. Their out-of-the-blue make out session at Jake's the night of Spixie's non-wedding reception took many viewers by surprise, but earned them a legion of supporters hoping for more Kolemate. Since then fans have only seen them sporadically, or heard their names brought up in conversations between other characters. Appearances suggest that the two are in some sort of ongoing relationship, although they are so rarely ever seen it would be difficult to describe exactly what that relationship is. And while it has been fun watching them together, it is time for their relationship to evolve, to be given more depth, more definition, so fans don't forget why they should care about the two of them being together. Kolemate has great potential, but it's time for the show to allow fans to peek behind the curtain so they can watch this potential unfold.


  1. Paula,

    I just love the Max/Diane romance but is Spixie still going? They haven't really been together much and Spinelli is acting sort of evil while Maxie is too busy trying to get him to be jealous for reasons known only to Maxie.


  2. Hi Peggy!

    Technically Spixie is still going, although I'm not sure how much longer that is going to last because it looks like Matt and Maxie may be headed toward some sort of relationship, at least for the time being.


  3. Oh yes, Maxie got her hair cut. Can Spinelli be far behind?

  4. Hi Peggy!

    Yeah, I'm not sure I like Maxie's new haircut. I thought it looked like Patrick had gotten one too.



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