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Collateral Damage: GH

With the rest of the country setting off fireworks to commemorate Independence Day, Port Charles had an explosion of a different kind on Friday, symbolizing the tendency for Sonny's plans to blow up in his face - pun intended.

It baffles me that anyone who claims to love their kids as much as Sonny does could be so clueless when it comes to their well being. It's not as if Sonny hasn't had a plethora of opportunities to learn the lessons that would make most people stop and think about how their actions affect their kids. He just refuses to learn those lessons, no matter how high the cost. In that way he and Claudia were a lot alike, except in the end her mistakes caught up with her, Sonny's never will. There will always be someone there to make excuses for his behavior, ensuring that he is never far from redemption. That certainly shouldn't be too difficult this time, considering Kristina's recent behavior. It's easy enough to see that if she hadn't been so focused on destroying Sonny she never would have been at the wrong place and time when Johnny's car exploded, but ultimately that is irrelevant.

Sonny's plan was ill-timed and doomed from the start, not to mention the fact that "he is the adult", a phrase he was all too eager to use whenever he pointed out how wrong it was for Johnny to use Kristina. To be fair, Johnny shouldn't have encouraged the continuation of the relationship facade. In fact Kristina's name shouldn't have even been brought up in conversation with Sonny. As an adult Johnny should have known better.

Then again Sonny is an adult and a parent, which should have made him at least twice as motivated to do the right thing. Furthermore, Luke reminded Sonny that his plan to kill Johnny was inherently flawed, given the likelihood that Kristina would be near him when it was carried out. Of course Sonny refused to see that as a problem, convinced he could keep his out of control teenage daughter, who hates him, by his side for an entire night.

Then when Sonny finally realized that his daughter was with Johnny on that fateful night he discovered it was too late to have the bomb dismantled. At that point it seemed like the only way to save Kristina was to warn Johnny about the bomb, but in the interest of self-preservation I presume, Sonny decided to take a chance and try to get to Johnny's before the bomb went off. Since that didn't happen I can only assume Kristina was hurt, another harsh reminder of the dangers in Sonny's world, another lesson he won't learn.


  1. Paula,

    Hope you're having a fun 4th of July!

    Here's my calculation:

    Case When

    Sonny < Adult then carbomb = true
    else carbomb = false
    end case

    I'm thinking Johnny grabbed Kristina out of the way since this is soapyland and we all know that there are actually 5 seconds between the sound of the bomb and the effects of the bomb.
    Of course, Sonny will blame Johnny for getting Kristina hurt since Sonny is unable to come to grips with the fact that he's the one that needs um, man up.


  2. Hi Paula!

    Happy 4th!

    I am so disgusted with the way Sonny is being written, I just can't see him ever being redeemed.

    The absolute selfishness of his character coupled with the fact that he is so cold-hearted and will order a hit at the drop of a hat - or worse....Case in point, Dante!

    The way he keeps saying "I didn't know Dante was my son" is so that justifies shooting an unarmed man!!!

    I am so on Kristina's page...everyone else is a Sonny apologist - even Alexis!! What's up with that?

    Great Post!


  3. Hi Peggy!

    Happy 4th of July!

    Oh yeah I'm sure Johnny will take most of the blame, but Kristina will probably get blamed as well. I wonder how Michael will feel toward Sonny when everything comes out.


  4. Hi Michele!

    Happy 4th of July!

    I don't like the way Sonny is being written either. It's like he doesn't have any common sense. And you are right he is totally missing the point about why shooting Dante was wrong.

    I've pretty much defended Kristina in a couple of blog posts because Sonny's behavior has been so inexcusable. I know she hasn't exactly been likable lately, but I think she is sorting through a lot of psychological issues right now and she is still really young. Sonny doesn't really have an excuse for the way he is acting.


  5. Paula,

    My daughter can't believe I have to wait until tomorrow (Tuesday) to see how it ends up. It would be nice to imagine Sonny dragging Johnny and Kristina out of the rubble but I'm wondering if the writer of this scene realizes that 20' includes the ceiling of the garage and presumably, if it collapses, won't the building be compromised?

    Just a thought...


  6. Peggy,

    Yeah, one would think that would compromise the building! lol!


  7. Paula,

    I know I made a comment on fb but seriously, there's a 5 second delay between the bomb detonation and the explosion? Enough time for Johnny to pull Kristina back? Only in soapieland, only in soapieland.


  8. Hi Peggy!

    LOL! I know, so funny!



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