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10 Ways General Hospital Could Improve

I doubt if I'm alone in saying that there is a lot wrong with General Hospital these days. While it continues to be one of my favorite soaps there are many changes I would make immediately if I had the power. Below is a list of the top ten suggestions I have for the way the show could improve.

1. The Claire/Sonny storyline needs to be dropped. It isn't working. Their conversations are boring and the context of their relationship is, well...icky.

2. Amp up Lisa's craziness. Despite my earlier distaste for a Robin/Patrick/Lisa triangle, the obsessed ex-girlfriend angle is working. It's interesting and very soapy.

3. Ronnie needs to be established as either a cop with a chip on his shoulder or someone who works for Franco. So far I haven't been able to tell whether Ronnie falls more on the side of good or bad because this character hasn't been clearly defined.

4. Brenda's life away from Port Charles and the people that surround it need to become an integral part of the show. I think Murphy in particular could bring a lot to the canvas. In fact if there is one thing I have realized from Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo's return it is that GH needs more characters to care about. I can only obsess over Sonny's kids for so long before I start changing the channel.

5. Spinelli needs a storyline apart from Jason and the mob. He's starting to become a one-dimensional background character whose only usefulness lies in his ability to provide tech support. Maxie has clearly moved on, to what I'm not sure, so Spinelli needs to find someone else, at least for now.

6. The Cassadine storyline needs to come to some sort of conclusion. It has been in limbo for far too long and I'm having difficulty caring about any of it.

7. The Franco storyline needs to either come to a conclusion or reach some sort of plausible point. Yes, it's exciting that a movie star would want to be a part of the world of soaps for any length of time, but this storyline only becomes more bizarre the longer it lasts. It's only point seems to be providing brief and aimless periods of chaos and drama to other storylines, something that's both unnecessary and without merit.

8. The Johnny/Sonny revenge thing needs to end soon as well. I'm tired of hearing them whine about each other until the moment that one of their actions causes Sonny's kids to be caught in the crossfire of an attack. This storyline is redundant and boring and going nowhere fast.

9. I'm sorry but the Maya character needs to go. This character isn't interesting and her interactions with all the other characters are dull and lifeless. She isn't even a viable love interest for Ethan because there is no chemistry there.

10. And finally, create a storyline involving Kate Howard with or without Coleman. Megan Ward is a talented actress and this character was an intriguing part of the show in the beginning. At the very least she was a more interesting match for Sonny than Claire.

Again, these are just my suggestions for what could improve this show right now. If you have suggestions of your own feel free to share them with me.


  1. I Loved your suggestions.. I think for the most part you are right about alot of the storylines..Maya,Johnny/Sonny revenge..Cassadines..but If I may add on to a few things.. I think Claire can be interesting with Sonny if the story takes a twist and makes her related to Brenda.. potential for serious drama/triangle of some sort.. but i think she could be good with Lucky too..I also agree that crazy Lisa is better than annoying Lisa.. but she is a great actor dont want her to become a killer psycho. Ronnie needs to solidify the Franco story and put a close to it.. make him a bad cop.. then someone needs to kill him off. I feel Spinelli is floundering too.. they should make him related to someone like Sam McCalls real father or Jason's real mother bring some family in for him..just please god not another spawn of Sonny.. no more kids for SONNY!!! .I dont really miss Kate.. she is good with Coleman but just not intersting enough..unless they bring her back to Olivia.. and the Bensonhurst branch..ok, so my thoughts turned in to a whole blog.. lol

  2. Hi Rosanne!

    Thanks for commenting! I love your suggestions as well, especially about the twist involving a Brenda/Claire connection. And you are 100% right about Spinelli. He does need a Port Charles connection, but I agree not with Sonny. The whole show has become about him and his offspring.


  3. Paula,

    If this gives you a clue, here's where I fast forward so as not to get claw marks on my chest from the cat...

    1. Anything with Sonny and Clare. Clearly if Clare really wants a kid I'll lend her my turkey baster.

    2. Old Brenda scenes. Please GH writers, get her to Port Charles before I decide to just fast forward every time I see her (and judging by how quickly she got on the opening credits could be a lot). Although current version of kitty didn't see the older stuff, he caught on real quick.

    3. Anything with mob stuff in it, particularly when Johnny's in it. Sorry - love ya but please get on with your life and go back to Olivia. Kitty loves Johnny's voice (a little bromance going on) but not when Johnny is yelling.

    4. Carly - seriously take up knitting - kitty if falling asleep but my finger is itching to hit the button every time there's a scene with her and Spinelli. I can only take so many odd nicknames and Paula, you're right - Spinelli needs something else to do.


  4. Hi Peggy!

    Yes! Carly needs a hobby apart from scheming and Jason as well! Seriously the way she hangs all over Jason is a little bit sad at this point.


  5. Paula,

    Today kitty was so bored he jumped off my lap. I guess it was because Johnny was absent. Or else it was because I'm sick and he doesn't do nurse.

    I only hope that Carly gets caught big time and everybody hates her.


  6. Yes Peggy, I hope all of this blows up in Carly's face. Who knows she may get a taste of her own medicine when Brenda comes back. I can't believe Brooke would stoop so low. She's literally pimping herself out for money.

    I hope you feel better soon. :)

  7. I think GH would definetly benefit from new writer's, Guza is getting stale. Many of the key players are not getting the scripts they deserve. Becki Herbst needs a better storyline away from having kids, she performance with Emily and Nickolas at the ball was one of the best for her, rocking and kissing her deceased best frend Emily was one of Becki's finest performances.
    Spinelli definetly needs a storyline apart form Jason and being his computer wiz kid.
    The whole show needs a little more tenderness instead of ruthlessness and coniving at every turn.
    GH has definetly lost it's touch with showing love in the afternoon and would benefit with a bit more loving and less manipulation.
    Guza has his favorites and we can see this, his writing has slipped and the show is going down hill fast..A viewer for more that 35 years!
    Please join;

  8. I totally agree with you on all your suggestions.
    I couldn't understand why Clare would want a kid with Sonny. At first I thought they would pair her up with Lucky. I think Maya is absolutely gorgeous, but I don't see that much chemistry with Ethan either. At least not yet. I would love to see Diane in more story lines. Why she is not the GH opening credits or cast pictures I will never understand!!!!

  9. Hi Mary!

    Thanks for commenting! I thought they were going to pair Claire with Lucky too at first. I guess that was just an idea they were testing out. And I agree Diane is pure gold. I hadn't noticed that she wasn't in the credits. I'm going to have to check that out because that's just crazy. I mean Epiphany and Steve are in the credits and how much storyline do they ever have?


  10. Not to butt into others comments but as to the credits.. only contract players are on the credits hence while a lot of the best people GH have are not.. Waste!!
    Thank you for saying Megan Ward needs a storyline! I am a Huge Megan Fan! That is a serious waste of some really good talent right there! Guza.. You got's ta go!!

  11. Hi Kimmie!

    Thanks for commenting and for becoming an official follower to the blog.

    I didn't realize that only the actors who were on contract and not recurring were in the opening credits. I would have thought that Epiphany, Matt, Steve, and a few others were recurring characters since we rarely ever see them. Until most recently Diane has been seen more than those three put together. So I can't understand why the show would only have her on recurring status when she isn't seen any less than some of their contract actors, makes no sense to me.

    I agree, not giving Megan Ward a storyline is a waste. I'm really surprised that GH hasn't lost her to another show by now.


  12. I dunno Paula, but don't you think Sonny could aim for something other than the chest? Seriously, if Sonny was trying to make peace he just should have aimed for Johnny's gun hand.


  13. Hi Peggy!

    That's a good point! He probably would have also called an ambulance too.


  14. Just found your blog and have to say I agree with your points especially #10. The show definitely needs to give Kate a storyline. I cannot believe the ridiculous waste of such a talent as Megan Ward. Kate is a great character, with Coleman, with Sonny, at Crimson, with her "family". More Kate would be a welcome change.

    And to be honest, Guza has got to go, it's been the same ole for far too long now.

  15. Hi Julie!

    Thanks for commenting! I hope you'll come back and visit often. You are correct, Megan has had great chemistry with everyone in the cast, which is more than I can say for some of the other actors on the show that we see all the time.



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