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Much Ado About...well, Nothing: GH

Ever since Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo's highly anticipated return to GH, viewers have been hearing about this mysterious Balkan character who was out to hurt Brenda. For a while I assumed the Balkan was Franco because of the scene below where he is on a plane looking at Brenda's photo and talking to someone on the phone about wanting to work with her.

[no copyright infringement intended]

Of course that assumption was proven wrong once it was revealed that the Balkan was out to get Brenda for killing his son. And even with all the inconsistencies on GH I'm assuming they know that even their viewers can't suspend the reality of disbelief enough to buy that Franco could have a son old enough to date Brenda.

The reveal that Theo Hoffman is actually the Balkan should come as no surprise, at least it didn't to me for a couple of reasons. First of all my expectations were already low going into this storyline because of the huge disappointment that was CO77X. I had high hopes for Franco's ambiguous graffiti tag and when it turned out to be nothing more than a booking number I felt my time in watching this show had been wasted. So right away I knew that the Balkan reveal wasn't going to be quite as earth shattering as the show would have everyone believe. This coupled with the fact that Theo's first scenes occurred at the hospital where Alexander's body was and that he told Robin he had lost someone important in the prime of their life made for some convincing clues.

I was actually more shocked that the Balkan showed up to work alongside Diane and Alexis. I really hope I am pleasantly surprised by this storyline and it turns out to be interesting, intriguing, and entertaining; but I suspect that the most entertaining thing that will come out of all of this is the conversation Carly and Brenda had about the Balkan:

Carly: Why is Jerry after you?

Brenda: I killed Balkan's son and Dante knew about it.

Carly: You and Dante killed the Balkan's son?
[Gotta love Jason's face here. He's thinking "uh oh Carly's about to flip out."]

Brenda: No, no. Dante didn't kill Alexander. I killed Alexander and Dante disposed of the body to cover for me.

Carly: So why was the Balkan after you?

Um, she just told you Carly - the Balkan was after her BECAUSE SHE KILLED HIS SON.

I guess Carly was too focused on the Dante portion of the conversation to pay much attention to anything else, which begs the question, why was it necessary for Brenda to bring Dante's name into it at that particular time anyway? Apparently she really does love drama.


  1. Paula,

    hahaha! Your screencaps are So Funny! Love it!

    And, unfortunately, I must agree with you on all counts....This storyline has been a snoozer - and even duller now that Theo is the Balkan.

    First of all, I could care less WHO the Balkan was....Second of all, I am sick to death of Brenda! Her character and her storyline has been written so horribly that I fast forward thru everything Brenda - especially if Sonny is in the scene.

    Good post, Paula

  2. Thanks Michele! It is really difficult to find screencaps where Carly isn't making a weird face when she is on one of her rants! lol!

    I think I am going to get sick of Theo really fast, especially now that he is working with Diane and Alexis, which is going to perpetuate a sub-plot where the Balkan works with them and they don't know it. I just hope Alexis doesn't fall in love with him because she tends to gravitate toward every criminal who comes through town.

    I'm sick of Brenda too. They have ruined VMG return. What this show really needs right now is a complete overhaul in the writing. Almost every storyline this year has been a complete flop.

  3. Paula,

    I'm just happy that Jerry isn't the Balkan because, yes, he could possibly have a son old enough to date Brenda, it would be a huge stretch, particularly with no back story of a lost love for Jerry.

    Thanks for finding that Franco clip - it's just too bad he isn't the Balkan but it might be interesting to see how he's connected to the Balkan which I hope they show when he comes back.

    I'm getting a bit tired of Carly's attitude and hope she gets an epiphany or something...

  4. Hi Peggy,

    I'm happy Jerry isn't the Balkan too. When I saw Friday's episode and Siobhan said she was standing there with the Balkan I was like "what? no!"

    I'm glad that I could find the Franco clip. I didn't think I was going to be able to. Unfortunately it seems to be having trouble loading, at least it seems to be on my end. Since Franco returns in Feb. they may very well try to tie him in with the Balkan because I doubt if that storyline will be wrapped up by then.

    Carly's getting on my nerves too. She's been at this whole Dante revenge thing for too long. And as much as Brenda is getting on my nerves too, I'm sick of hearing Carly shriek.


  5. Paula,

    I was kind of peeved when she got so uber overprotective of Michael, too. The guy's 18, right? So she should back off and let him do what he wants.

    You're right - the Dante revenge has been going on so long that I'm beginning to wonder why bother? And Spinelli should get a clue. Really.

  6. Hi Peggy!

    I think they are having trouble figuring out what Carly should be doing right now. She's stuck in protective mother mode because she and Jax are fairly stable. And you are right with the whole Dante thing, it's like what's the point?

    I don't know what to say about Spinelli. He used to be one of my favorite characters, but lately he has just been as you say, clueless. They don't know what to do with that character either. Maxie, Matt, and Spinelli are all just sort of up in the air, as are most of the characters these days.


  7. lol love the recaps, GH is my fav. soap but lately I've been wondering where they are going/doing with most of the characters. Hopefully it works out.

  8. Hi Sheri!

    Thanks for joining my site and for sharing your thoughts. I hope you have lots of fun here!

    GH is definitely in a slump right now, which is a shame because I know they are capable of so much more. I used to offer the show nothing but high praise on this blog, but somewhere along the way things took a wrong turn and they seem to be having trouble recovering. I hope they can straighten all this out in 2011.


  9. Paula,

    I am SOO tired of the drag on that has been Brenda's return. I am also Tired of Carly and her revenge scheme. She needs to back off of Micheal's budding relationship with Abby and let him live his life. If she was around more she would see how happy Michael is with Abby. I guess the only thing that has me wondering is the whole baby thing with Brenda and Dante. But, it may very well be Brenda's baby with Alexsander. Theo as the Balkan did throw me for a bit of a loop but it drug on so long i was just relieved it was finally unveiled. I'm disappointed that Siobban is working for the Balkan though.. I really liked her for Lucky.


  10. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for joining my site!

    I'm so tired of Carly's schemes too. Although I still can't get invested in the Abby/Michael storyline given the way they started out, Carly's clearly not as concerned for Michael's well-being as she claims or she wouldn't be trying to take down Dante and Brenda. Everyone has told her how her actions are going to hurt Michael but she just ignores them and keeps on plotting away.


  11. I do agree the way they started out is not really the best way to start a relationship. I was a lil weary as well. But the way things are going now with how they interact i like. Carly seems to ACT like the things she does are for her family but in actuality she has ALWAYS been self sufficient! I have enjoyed Carly since she came to Port Charles but... I think it is time to write her differently.. She is no longer the young destructible physical therapist .. Time to write her a lil more grown up and responsible! Just my opinion! .. Hey don't be shy and come on over and comment on what you think about My Genenral Hospital blog.. I would love to hear your feedback!

  12. Hi everyone,

    Well, at least Luke and Traci got married....I just thought it was awkward when Spinelli shook hands with Dante and then was reluctant to give the damaging(?) information to Carly. Good point, Soap Life, about the baby's father. Maybe that's why The Balkan is after Brenda?


  13. Hi Peggy,

    It was awkward and weird with the whole Spinelli/Dante thing. He has pretended to be nice to Dante before, then turned around and plotted with Carly behind his back so his reluctance seemed unusual.



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