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Must Miss TV: GH

I think I speak for most people when I say that GH revisiting the Franco storyline is beyond terrible. It appears that they are trying to redeem this character, not a foreign concept in soaps. Villains turn heroes all the time in this genre; but Franco is not redeemable.  Even if we were to take his DVDs at face value and assume he didn't want Michael hurt, he wasn't beyond exploiting the rape to torture Jason --- remember Francophenia? The writers don't seem to, or they just don't care, which is worse. They would also have us believe that Franco only did the things he did because Jason somehow rejected him.    How could that be? Franco was torturing Jason before Jason ever knew he existed! And don't get me started on how every character thinks Franco looks exactly the same as he did a few years ago. Franco doesn't look like Todd and Kiki doesn't look like Starr, just add some hair dye and the audience will be none the wiser...right! 

On top of the Franco thing, GH has decided to revisit Luke (Alcohol is not to blame!) Spencer's drinking problem. If I have to listen to him defend his drinking again all summer, like he did when he ran over baby Jake ("he shouldn't have been in the road, I thought he was a pot hole!") I'm going to rip my ears off and throw them at the tv! 


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Could Guiding Light Alum Stephanie Gatschet Be Looking to Return to Daytime?

I stumbled upon something interesting while scrolling through Instagram last night. It was a comment posted in response to a General Hospital video. The video was reposted by actress Laura Wright (Carly, GH; ex-Cassie,GL). The response came from actress Stephanie Gatschet.

You may recall that in addition to playing Madison North on All My Children, Gatschet played Cassie's daughter, Tammy, on Guiding Light.

Gatschet's comment to Wright was "I miss creating melodrama...keep an eye out for a good role for little ol' me. I wanna play!"  (Check out the screenshot below)

So could Gatschet be eyeing a return to daytime? How cool would it be to see her starring opposite Laura Wright again?

Gatschet most recently starred in the web series Misguided.

GL Alum Launches Indiegogo Campaign for Music Video!

UPDATE: Morgan Englund's Indiegogo campaign is now 76% funded. To meet his goal, $2,418 will need to be donated by June 2nd. 

To hear Morgan talk about his song Homeward Bound, be sure to check out my interview with him from last week at

Guiding Light alum Morgan Englund (Dylan Lewis) has launched an Indiegogo campaign to help fund a music video for a song he wrote called "Homeward Bound (A Firefighter's Song)", a fitting title and song for the actor who has worked as both a firefighter and paramedic. 

Englund is hoping to raise $10,000 for the creation of the video, which will be directed by Andrea Shreeman. So far $3,199 has been donated to the campaign with a month left to go. Numerous perks are up for grabs for those wishing to contribute to the video's funding. $5 will get you a thank you shout out on social media from Englund, while the biggest perk, at $1500, will earn you an executive producer credit and a VIP visit to the set. 


Amber Tamblyn (ex-Emily, GH): "I hope every actor has a chance to experience working on a soap, and every kid gets to grow up watching one with family"

Actress Amber Tamblyn, who originated the role of Emily Quartermaine on General Hospital, released an eloquent statement on the show's 50th anniversary and what being a part of its history means to her. On her facebook page Amber writes about how the soap helped her hone her craft and allowed her to form meaningful and lasting relationships. Read the full statement below: