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A Look at Season Two of Broken at Love with Karolina Sivas

This week marks the official beginning of the new fall television season and there are no shortage of premieres that I'm looking forward to, including season two of the web series Broken at Love. I recently chatted with creator and star of the series, Karolina Sivas, who talked about the show and her plans for season two.

Karolina Sivas, Pamela Bowen (Ava, Vivienne's mother), and Rob Healy
Photo courtesy of Karolina Sivas

What made you decide to create your own web series?

Honestly, I don't know when it was, but in late 2008 I started my own production company and started creating projects. Sometime after that point I knew I wanted to star in a web series and possibly create it, although I didn't mind just being cast in someone else's show. As an actor, a web series parallels a television show. You get to explore playing a character that evolves and grows on a regular basis and that's what attracted me to the format. I have done a lot of short films while studying at USC and after one weekend you are done with the character and I wanted the chance to maintain a role for a longer period of time.

Behind the Scenes of Broken at Love with Rob Healy and Karolina Sivas
Photo courtesy of Karolina Sivas

How did the idea for Broken at Love come about?

I started making my own projects in 2008 but it was a bit challenging to juggle school and create projects. However I continued writing and brainstorming whenever I had a chance.  Back in 2010, while I was still in college, I decided my next project would be called "Broken At Love" - one of my favorite tennis phrases (and the worst way to lose your serve in the sport). And that it would have something to do with professional tennis (a theme consistent with most of my projects). So I had the title but it wasn't until the early summer of 2011 that I went back to it and developed a story, created the characters, and began writing. The show happened after a horrible breakup of sorts. I needed a way to express myself, my thoughts, my opinions. I used the writing as something therapeutic, similar to how a songwriter may write a song when their heart is broken. And the project evolved from there much more than I had anticipated and I credit that to the wonderful people involved on it with me.

In season 1 Vivienne had at least three guys vying for her attention, Noah, Tristan, and of course Holden, her celebrity crush. Will that continue into season 2?

In Season 2 Vivienne makes a lot of love life decisions, and since the story is about Vivienne and her relationship to Holden, that will still take center stage for the most part. However, I can say that there is always room for new love interests. I also have final say on all casting, and casting leading men/love interests is so much fun! So sometimes a fresh face helps evolve the story. Her love life is more focused this season, she isn't pulled in a million directions.

Holden Gregory and Vivienne Taylor aka Rob Healy and Karolina Sivas
Photo courtesy of Karolina Sivas 

In season 1 the audience was introduced to Vivienne’s mother and sister. Now actor Ben Reed has been added to the cast as Vivienne’s father for season 2. What can you tell us about him?

I adore my on screen father. And I wanted to have one in the show for so long, but I was worried I may not find the perfect actor for the role. After so many posting attempts I finally found the perfect person. He has an extensive television resume. And he plays such a great character too. He's in multiple episodes and has some of my favorite lines in the show. We introduce many members of Vivie's family this season - her aunt - her grandma's - I can write an endless amount of family stuff I've realized as well. 

Actor Ben Reed will play Vivienne's father in season two
Photo courtesy of Karolina Sivas

Speaking of Vivienne’s family you recently announced that Y&R alum Sharon Farrell (Florence Webster) and Marcia Rodd would be joining the cast as Vivienne’s grandmothers. Are there any other exciting casting announcements you can share with us now?

For Season 2 I put a great amount of attention on guest stars, mainly because I wanted to continue to act with amazing talent. We have former and current supermodels, a couple of professional athletes (including former professional tennis player Vince Spadea), and of course Hollywood royalty.  

Vivienne and her grandmothers - from left to right Sharon Farrell, Marcia Rodd, and Karolina Sivas
Photo courtesy of Karolina Sivas

In 2008, you created your own production company, Brown-Eyed Girl Productions. Do you currently have plans to produce other shows in addition to Broken at Love?

My main goal is to produce content I write as acting vehicles for myself. I haven't thought too far ahead, although I'm always thinking what's next. I know that this is just the beginning for the production company and I hope as my career evolves I continue producing and creating content in even larger platforms.   

I know you are inspired by your love of tennis, particularly with this web series. Other than tennis, where do you find your inspiration?

Inspiration for this series has come from so many places. The series is one of the most authentic representations of myself, my interests, my passions.  I have a wonderful best friend in real life named Natalie who's ended up inspiring Vivienne and Olivia's relationship in Season 2. I'm inspired so much by my actors and actresses. We film one weekend and I see all the amazing choices they make and find myself back at the computer writing and rewriting and before you know it I have new scripts added to the series.  I also love older films from the 40s, 50s, and 60s. I started watching those back in high school and took courses revolved around those films in college. I love the way they tell love stories, the way the leading man and leading lady are presented. I also am inspired to make wholesome content in a web world that has no rules. Something I wouldn't be embarrassed to show my own dad. And of course, tennis as you mentioned. I love everything about watching a sport live, especially tennis.   

Netflix’s House of Cards just earned an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Drama Series, a first for an online show. Do you think online viewing will eventually replace traditional televised programming?

I hope online viewing continues to grow. It's such a great opportunity to put yourself out there and it will definitely expand job opportunities for actors and those on the production side of things. I'm fascinated with what Netflix is doing with it's original content. I wish this kind of stuff was around more when I was in college because I never had time to sit down and watch TV but I was always on my computer.

Catch the Season 2 Premiere of Broken at Love on Thursday, September 26th at 10:30/9:30c at and before the big premiere drop by YouTube for Broken at Love’s LIVE Google Hangout Show on Tuesday, September 24th at 10:30/9:30c! Fans can post questions for the cast and crew on their facebook and twitter pages for a chance to have them answered on the show:

Click here to visit the official Broken at Love website


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