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Compromised: GH

There seems to be an unsettling trend present on General Hospital at the moment, not that it hasn't always existed in some form or another but lately it has gotten out of control. I am referring to the show's tendency to transform all villains into victims and vice versa.

When Sonny shot Dante, the lovable cop with honor and values, I knew that he would not remain a villain for long. This is, after all, a soap opera. I just don't understand why GH seems to be tarnishing the essence of the Dante character in order to make Sonny seem more sympathetic by comparison. Dante's questionable acts do not cancel out Sonny's bad behavior. It's quite simple, two wrongs do not make a right.

I also don't understand why GH keeps coming up with ways to get viewers to notice the similarities between Sonny and Dante. Dante doesn't have to embody all of Sonny's traits for him to be recognizable as his son. It is possible that Sonny could have produced an offspring that shares only a few of his qualities, particularly since that offspring was not raised around him. Just like it was possible for Michael to share many of Sonny's qualities despite the lack of shared DNA. It is part of that whole nature versus nurture argument.

I am really disappointed by the fact that Dante betrayed Morgan's trust to find Michael. This completely goes against everything Dante supposedly stands for, and for that I feel like the character is being slowly re-written.

The Dante that viewers were first introduced to would never have allowed himself to become so blinded by vengeance that he put that above everything and everyone else. And I dread seeing how Morgan is going to react when he finds out that Dante went to get Michael and that he was responsible for making that happen.

This only offers validity to the argument that Dante somehow betrayed Sonny's family during his investigation. And I suppose it will not be long before the investigation is made to seem more criminal than anything else that happens in Port Charles.


  1. Paula,

    Once again, I'd point to the writers. Or whoever directed the scene where Morgan blabs to Dante as to where Michael is. Not shot very well and no closure. You'd think that either Dante would flinch when Morgan told him or Morgan would react like "oh crap" and Dante would man up and explain things to him. But no, next thing you know, Dante's on a plane and then the "cliffhanger" at Michael's door.

    I know that GH has come a long way the days where it was just one adulturous affair after another but still....and I think they're giving too much air time to Kiefer's dad, who is clearly chewing up the scenery for all it's worth.


  2. Hi Peggy!

    I completely agree. There was absolutely no reaction from Dante or Morgan during that scene. There should have been some sort of cues that let us know what was going through their minds during that conversation.

    I also agree about Kiefer's dad. This storyline is so awful. I have made several attempts to blog about it since my last one but I cannot even find the words to express how bad this storyline actually is. Warren Bauer is a horrible character who should have never been introduced, at least not in this way.


  3. Paula,

    I thought that Jax would be able to restrain Warren, but you know, when you think about it, how could the guy be so well connected when he acts like that? You'd think somebody would have noticed this a long time ago. I know when you're grieving, there are a lot of things you think of doing to people(and note to them, you know who you are), but very few of us act it out. There's no scene so far to see if he's being driven by his equally horrific wife, but still it doesn't give him an excuse to rant in front of everybody, especially when he's wrong.

    Well, we can only hope a few GH writers see this and maybe tweak the storyline a bit. Where's Lainey when you need her?


  4. Hi Peggy!

    You took the words right out of my mouth! I was thinking the other day that if GH is trying to make the connection that Kiefer was abusive because his father was, it doesn't make sense for his father to be showing that side of himself in public. Abuse typically occurs in secrecy, particularly when it involves someone has high profile as Warren Bauer. I would think he would keep that side of himself well hidden, especially since he seems like the type of guy who is really concerned about appearances.

    And yeah where is Lainey, haven't seen her in a while.



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