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On Guard: GH

Unless you are a soap fan who doesn't read internet spoilers, or you missed Saturday night's podcast you have undoubtedly heard the rumor about what really happened to Michael in prison. That rumor of course being that he was the victim of prison rape, which seems to be exactly what GH has been implying the past few days. And I just want to go on record right now as saying that if the reason for the Michael recast was so the show could put somebody with a more innocent look into these prison scenes it was a bad decision. It is not that Chad Duell isn't doing a good job as Michael because he is. It just never ceases to amaze me how soaps are constantly sacrificing good actors for bad storylines. And this prison storyline is bad on more levels than I can even wrap my mind around.

First of all Michael probably would have been okay in prison until Jason got there if Sonny had checked his ego at the prison door and not antagonized Anthony Zacchara with threats about Johnny. Sonny gets his kids into more trouble simply by not knowing when to be quiet. For that reason Carly should be teaming up with Johnny and Ethan to take down Sonny instead of wasting her time on this school girl scheme of trying to break up Dante and Lulu. Does she really equate Michael spending five years in prison with a break-up? Moreover Jason, whose in prison trying to protect Michael, asked her to stay out of trouble and she can't even honor those wishes. Remind me again why Jason is so loyal to Carly and Sonny because he seems to spend a lot of time cleaning up their messes.

This situation with Michael might prove too difficult for even Jason to help out with though, considering that he has now been warned by the warden himself to stay out of trouble and steer clear of fighting or risk solitary confinement for the duration of his sentence. So are the viewers supposed to believe that only certain people in Pentonville are allowed to fight, or is fighting prohibited while rape is accepted? Like I said I can't even wrap my mind around this storyline and at this point I'm not even sure I want to.


  1. Paula,

    You're absolutely right. My daughter decided to watch GH with me yesterday and right off the bad she asked "what's wrong with Michael?" So I told her what I thought and we both sat there waiting for Jason to, you know, get a clue. Or Sonny. How naive can Sonny be when he sees his son and asks "who hit you?" I had to stop the Tivo so many times to explain the situation to her and you know, I don't mind explaining these things but the GH writers could have done lots better.

  2. Hi Peggy,

    I was so irritated with the entire show yesterday. Right now every storyline is bad, but this prison one is ridiculous. Sonny was making everything about him. "Jason you left me with a mess" Why isn't Sonny trying to kill Judge Caroll instead of before business and all that. And why isn't Carly using her substantial resources to get Michael out of jail instead of trying to cause trouble for Dante and Lulu? Then there was the fact that Michael was getting his blood drawn at the end of the episode. I really hope the show is not planning to make Michael get HIV so they can recreate the Robin/Michael/Jason bond. Hasn't this kid been through enough? Another thing about the rape storyline...if Michael was one year younger this would be considered child molestation. And with Chad Duell having such a baby face it almost seems like that anyway.


  3. Hi Paula!
    Once again, we are of like mind. This storyline is so wrong, so vile and so disgusting - and this kind of storyline is why soaps are dying.
    I CANNOT BEE-LIEVE how GH has gone downhill this fast.
    I am a soap fan and blogger who does not read internet spoilers (unless by accident) and I really try to stay spoiler free. I'm a purist in terms of my soap watching.
    I thought that they would make it look like Michael would be attacked and Jason would arrive in time to stop it.
    You are so spot on in your assessment of Sonny and Jason...Sonny, I can't even talk about, because I am so disgusted in the way that everything is all about him and the world revolves around him....YECH!!
    Sonny taunting Anthony Zacchara about Johnny was the dumbest thing I've ever seen. You're absolutely right that he should have at least waited until Jason was IN prison to protect Michael before antagonizing Anthony.
    Sonny says he loves Michael, but has no problem letting Jason go to jail when Sonny should have made that sacrifice.

  4. Hi Michele!

    I usually try to stay away from looking at the spoilers or at least refrain from posting them on the site because you never know which ones are accurate. I actually came upon the Michael rape spoiler by accident and I thought no way will GH go there. When I saw the promos I just knew Jason would get to the prison in time to stop a beating, an actual beating, not a rape. Like you, I am amazed at how fast GH has gone downhill too. It was only a short time ago that I thought most of their storylines were pretty good. Sure they all had their flaws, but none of them were the train wreck that they are now. I actually can't think of one storyline that I am interested in right now. In fact most of them have been so bad it sometimes feels like a waste of time to blog about how bad they are. I was actually screaming at the tv when Sonny was talking to Anthony. I thought how stupid can this guy be? And yesterday all Sonny could talk to Jason about was how Johnny was getting on his nerves. If Johnny and Ethan are able to take down Sonny's organization by themselves just because Jason is in jail, Sonny deserves to lose everything.


  5. Paula,

    I'm finding it hard to be sympathetic to any of the characters except Clare, who apparently really, really wants a baby. I can see something between her and Lucky so there might be hope?

    I'm just hoping that this prison theme is over soon. If I were writing this, I would have someone (and I don't care who) tell Judge Carroll what happened and then have the judge revise his conviction. Of course this would leave Jason in prison but then we know that wouldn't last too long.


  6. Hi Peggy!

    I completely agree. Who would have thought two weeks ago that Claire would be the only likable person on this show?

    I'm surprised Judge Carroll is still walking around. No one even seems to be harboring any resentment toward him at this point. It seems like if Carly had $50,000 to throw away she would put that toward paying off any judge that could get Michael's conviction overturned. I seriously think GH needs to allow soap viewers, and GH fans in particular, to write this show because clearly they don't have a clue what makes for good entertainment.


  7. Paula,

    You know, you can never kill a judge on soapies, right? I'm just surprised that Judge Carroll appears so squeaky clean. You'd think that Spinelli could use his talents for more productive uses. It just frustrates me when I can see way better story lines that soapie fans could write (including you, dear), and yet, we sit there and watch Creative Writing 101 day after day.

    At least the Lucky/Clare romance might be heating up. I can't wait until Franco shows up too just to have some eye candy to look at and maybe ignore the, um, questionable writing.

    Oy - guess what song is playing on my mp3 player?

  8. Hi Peggy!

    Yeah you would think Spinelli would be able to find something on Judge Carroll.

    LOL! Creative Writing 101, that's exactly how it is!

    I was disappointed with the way the Franco thing played out last time,but with the way things are right now I would gladly welcome a distraction from the rest of the storylines.

    I wonder if we will see a Lucky/Claire/Sonny triangle. It would certainly be much better than the Nikolas/Liz/Lucky thing.

    Girl, you are going to have to remove that song from your mp3 player! lol!


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