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Mystery Loves Company: GH

General Hospital fans have spent several weeks searching the Internet for clues about the mysterious CO77X tag that was introduced as part of the Franco storyline. This tag even made it into Google's top 10 searches on October 21st, as viewers tried to find some insight into its meaning. In fact there were numerous theories about what it might mean and what impact it might have on the show, but on Monday's General Hospital all of those theories were quickly dismissed, revealing a simplistic explanation for the tag. As it turned out CO77X was Franco's booking number from a past arrest, and something he now uses as a tool with which to taunt police. I must say, as one of the many viewers who spent hours playing amateur detective in an attempt to solve this mystery, I was very disappointed by this revelation. These days soap operas rarely have storylines that capture the attention of viewers the way this one element has, and it is even rarer for a movie star to request a role on a soap. General Hospital just happened to be lucky enough to have both of these anomalies working in its favor, and I feel like an opportunity has been wasted with CO77X. Obviously the show was trying to make it seem like this tag had some sort of profound meaning, otherwise viewers would not have had to endure countless episodes with those "Mad World" montages. Therefore, it is a bit disheartening to learn that CO77X is nothing more than a random serial number assigned to an alleged criminal. If this tag had contained as much meaning as viewers were led to believe, it could have provided months of storyline for any number of characters on the show. Instead its importance seems to be limited to giving Lucky a case to work on, an oversight that could have been rectified when Greg Vaughan still inhabited the role. Granted, not everyone is going to be pleased with the outcome of every storyline, but when a opportunity of this magnitude comes along, it is a waste not to reward viewers for their time and attention. This exemplifies why many people refuse to invest their time in watching soaps, and with two of them being cancelled this year, it is not a good time to give the critics ammunition.


  1. Paula,

    I agree with you - it was a little disappointing, especially since we had spent so much time trying to figure it out. Franco's still creepy enough to keep my attention and I had a good laugh over Nikolas and Sonny crying like babies. Bring on the onions!


  2. Mmmmm. CO77X, the great unmystery.

    Actually, I think it served its purpose, and that was to be a big teaser. It certinaly drew you into the storyline. I even think I read somewhere (or am not surprised) that it had to do with the police or an arrest.

    Now that you mention the montages, however, have I missed something or have they stopped playing A-DAM Lambert's "Mad World"?

    Yes, Franco IS creepy. And I gotta say the whole story line is so incredibly dark and menacing I find myself not being overly concerned if I miss an episode, especially since I am tired of the Nicholas, Liz, Rebecca and Lucky story.

    Which brings me to my next point. I stopped watching GL and ATWT years ago so I can't vouch for their recent story lines. Helena was mean and a villainess but still was someone you "loved to hate." The Franco character and Mitch on "One Life to Live" are just plain vile -- nothing to kind of like in their character. Weren't you totally on edge watching that interaction between Franco and Spinelli?

    Since I normally catch these on SoapNet, I don't know if I want to go to bed just having watched Franco and Mitch :(

    We want "Soap Opera" not the "House of Horrors."

    Just my thoughts today.

    Paula Q.

  3. Hi Peggy and Paula!

    Thanks for commenting and sharing your thoughts. I have to say that my favorite part about yesterday's episode was the conversation between Spinelli and Franco. Franco looked like he was about to lose it during that whole "Who is the Jackal conversation?"

    Paula-I agree that CO77X probably served the purpose it was intended to, I just think it was used for the wrong purpose. I haven't heard the full version of "Mad World" on GH in a while. I have heard bits of the instrumental version, but not with Adam Lambert singing. I'm tired of the whole Liz/Nik/Lucky triangle too. I hope Lucky finds out about Liz's affair soon. Liz and Nikolas's conversation yesterday was exhausting.They just keep going around in circles.

    Peggy-Nikolas and Sonny did kind of act like babies yesterday. Nikolas with his line of "Just because my brother loves you doesn't mean I don't get to" was hilarious. He sounded like a spoiled child! And Sonny walking away like a wounded animal. I don't think I have ever seen him look so heartbroken!

  4. Wow!! All of you make excellent points!! Paula, I must say, you're a very sophiscated soap watcher and I think you should be writing the soaps! It would have been great if the code did have some deeper meaning for sure.

    But, for me, I'm just glad that Franco is finally getting interesting. I wasn't that enthralled in the beginning....But what drew me in was his face to face with JASON!!! That whole interchange had MY attention!

    I agree with Peggy about Nikolas being a big old baby....funny! I don't like him at all. He's WAY too dark for me - all that Cassadine gloom...And let's not EVEN get into the fact that he's sleeping with Liz behind Lucky's back. That storyline needed to end before it even got started as far as I'm concerned.

    ITA with PaulaQ about Franco and Mitch and their creepiness - but I think that Mitch wins out for the Super Villain Award!

    Good exchange of ideas!


  5. Hi Michele!

    Thank you for the huge compliment! That really means a lot to me!

    I think the Jason vs. Franco exchange grabbed everyone's attention. It was difficult not to be captivated by their first meeting because it was so bizarre and twisted. I couldn't tell if I was watching the real Franco or the Franco that he wanted Jason to see. I also think the more Franco interacts with other characters on the show the more interesting he becomes. I loved seeing the dynamic between him and Spinelli yesterday. I know I have already said that, but it was just funny seeing Spinelli being able to sort of throw Franco off balance for a moment.

    Speaking of Nikolas's Cassadine heritage and Liz, it seems like I remember reading somewhere that something happens to Liz during that whole Spencer/Cassadine storyline that has been put on hold. Has anyone else heard that? If that's true, Liz and Nik's affair undoubtedly has something to do with her being in danger. She'll probably be used as some sort of leverage to get Nikolas to agree to something. I hope that is not the case because that will just drag all of this out even longer.

  6. Hi, Ladies:

    GREAT comments from everyone. Yes, Paula, that exchange between Spinelli and Franco about the Jackal was hilarious. BTW, James Franco will be on SNL this Saturday night.

    Regarding Liz, I thought I read somewhere that she was going to leave and go off somewhere with the children. Gee, when will that triangle story end????

  7. Oh, one more comment. I'm actually watching GH first time around today. So glad Liz's brother Steve is in the picture to give her some advice. So far I'm liking his character.

    Paula Q

  8. Hi Paula!

    Yeah, I am liking the addition of Scott Reeves as Steve Webber. Of course I have been a fan of his since I first saw him on Y&R years ago, so I can't imagine not liking him in this role. :)


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