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The Brady Blame Game: DOOL

Warning: This post is dripping with sarcasm.

Apparently the Bradys have invented a new game, the object of which is to list everything bad that happens in Salem and somehow trace it back to Carly. They are not really saying how they are able to link Carly to everyone's misfortune, but they seem to be having fun trying. Clearly their animosity toward her stems from the fact that she "stole" Bo away from Hope because they have yet to provide any other plausible reasons for hating her.


Kayla and Caroline both claim that it was Carly's fault that Nathan left Stephanie and that Caroline is in trouble for changing the paternity test. Okay, so let's see if I can decipher the reason they think Carly is the cause of all of this. Caroline changed the paternity test after overhearing Stephanie's worries that Nathan and Melanie would reunite if it turned out that Philip was the father of Chloe's baby. This must mean that if Carly had never forced Chloe to take a paternity test in the first place Caroline would have never been tempted to tamper with it. Therefore no one would know that Philip is the father and Caroline wouldn't be in trouble. Moreover if it was never discovered that Philip was the father, Melanie would have stayed with him and Stephanie wouldn't have lost Nathan.


Ultimately I guess this means that none of the Bradys are responsible for their own actions. Carly should have known better than to try to keep a paternity test secret in Salem. That's too tempting a scandal for a busybody like Caroline to stay away from. Furthermore if Carly had never had an affair with Daniel then Melanie wouldn't have been born and there wouldn't be anyone for Nathan to fall in love with ever except Stephanie. How dare Carly not have the superhuman foresight to clue her in to the fact that all the Bradys would be hurt by Melanie's birth and eventually Chloe's paternity test.


Quite frankly I'm surprised that no one has accused Carly of being responsible for EJ taking Sami's kids away. Although I suppose if they tried hard enough they could find a link. Just for fun let's see if I can come up with a connection between Carly, and EJ taking Sami's kids. Hmmm, okay how about Carly is responsible for EJ taking Sami's kids because if she had not saved Rafe's life when she first came back to town then EJ and Sami would likely be together with their kids. Hey, I did it! I found the link! This is a fun game, too bad it doesn't involve logic!



  1. This was a great post I couldn't figure why everything was Carly's fault. Bo chose to break Hope out of prison.

  2. Hi weird news!

    Thank you! And thanks for commenting! I hope you come back often!

    Yeah, you're exactly right, Bo did choose to break Hope out of prison. And back when Carly first came to town, Bo was still trying to get Hope back but she wouldn't come home. Carly didn't split them up.


  3. A little correction if I may. lol You said...

    Carly is responsible for EJ taking Sami's kids because if she had not saved Rafe's life when she first came back to town then EJ and Sami would likely be together with their kids.

    If Carly hadn't saved Rafe's life, then he wouldn't have been able to tell Sami that Sydney was her child. Therefore EJ and Nicole would still be together raising her as "their" own. So...Carly saving Rafe wouldn't mean that Sami and EJ would likely be together. Just a thought :)

    Paula A

  4. Hi mommyof2wildboys!

    Thanks for commenting! I hope you come back often!

    You are right, but like I said there is no logic involved in this game. If there were then Kayla and Caroline's excuses for being mad at Carly would make much more sense. I just used the example of Carly being responsible for EJ taking Sami's kids away to highlight how ridiculous Kayla and Caroline are being. Sorry for the confusion.


  5. Not an issue. I'm still lost on the whole "its Carly's fault". All she wanted to do was find out if the baby was Daniels or not. Trying to help Chloe and Daniels relationship. If the baby turned out to be his, she wanted to spare him from getting hurt by finding out that the woman he loved, cheated on him.

    I LOVE Chloe and Daniel together. I'm hoping they do another paternity test to be 100% and find out that Parker really is his after all. All fingers crossed :)

  6. Hi mommyof2wildboys!

    Yeah, I just don't get the whole blame Carly thing. Melanie is even mad at Carly and she didn't know that Philip was cheating on her; but Daniel did and she isn't mad at him at all. That just doesn't make sense.

    I really didn't expect Parker to be Philip's. I thought Chloe's fling would be discovered right after she found out she was pregnant. I thought Daniel would leave her, then find out later he was Parker's father. I really don't like that Philip has already fathered so many children. At this rate, by the time he is Stefano or Victor's age he will have a whole fleet!


  7. I agree with your post. Blaming Carly has become a favorite game for practically everyone in Salem. It is very tiring to watch. Some angst for a character is good, but poor Carly is practically a social outcast. They should balance it out and let her have some in her corner consistently.

  8. Hi ta1231!

    They definitely need balance! They've gone overboard in having everyone blame Carly for everything. I don't care for other characters being mad at her,but when it stops making sense something needs to change.



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