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Soap Fans Unite For A Cause

Everyone knows that soap fans are among the most passionate groups of people, especially when it comes to their favorite soap couple. Some fans channel this passion by creating websites, blogs, or forums devoted to a particular couple. Other fans channel their passion by waging fan campaigns aimed at getting their couple more screen time, and still other fans simply wage war on each other. It is rare, in fact, to see one soap fan base getting along with another. However, several devoted Days fans have found a way to not only get along, but are using their passion for the show to make a difference in the lives of others.

Soap fan Alycia is a long-time fan of Danloe, which, for those in the know, stands for Daniel and Chloe, the Days supercouple played by actors Shawn Christian and Nadia Bjorlin. Once Alycia had a chance to meet them at a charity event she became inspired and formed the group "Shawn Christian Angels" with the intention of helping those in need. Since then the group has gained support and help from other Days fan bases such as the CarBos, fans of Bo and Carly; the Broes, fans of Brady and Chloe, as well as Crystal Chappell fans and Venice fans alike. Together they created an unofficial charity called "Project Freshly Squeezed," which raises and contributes money to "Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation," an organization devoted to raising funds and awareness for childhood cancer treatments and cures.

Alycia at the 'Angels' merchandise booth.
Inset: Nadia and Shawn are presented with baby items
which were later donated.

"Project Freshly Squeezed" is off to a promising start. This year their first fundraising effort is to encourage everyone to skip their daily cup of coffee on the 18th of every month, a date which represents Shawn Christian's birthday. The idea is that the money typically spent on a cup of coffee could instead be donated to "Project Freshly Squeezed." Alycia tells me there are lots of other fundraisers in the works which she believes will give people the incentive to donate. As for the "Shawn Christian Angels" and everyone involved with "Project Freshly Squeezed," Alycia simply states "we are just ordinary people trying to do extraordinary things."

'Angels' merchandise
Inset:Shawn models one of the very first 'Angels' t-shirt designs
created for a Days charity event in Dallas last year.

For more information on "Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation" & "Project Freshly Squeezed" check out the following links:

Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation
Project Freshly Squeezed

Click here to follow the "Shawn Christian Angels" on twitter
Click here to follow "Project Freshly Squeezed" on twitter

If you would like to contact Alycia directly you may e-mail her at the following address:

Photos generously provided by Alycia


  1. Thank you so much for bringing this story of soap fans giving back. I appreciate it so very much. There is no greater feeling when people can come together for a greater good. What greater way then to give our love and support to worthy causes such and childrens cancer research for a cure, and at the same time dedicate to our favorite soap couples, actors, and shows. Aly... The Shawn Christian's Angel.

  2. Alycia,

    It was my pleasure to be able to tell your story. I hope that people read it and become inspired because it is an inpiring story. I look forward to being able to talk to you about the rest of your charity work. Please keep me posted on your activities and progress. And thanks so much for following my blog.


  3. See, it's news like this which lends credibility to my contention that typical soap fans are not a band of mindless beings who lounge on the sofa eating bonbons while watching their "stories". Soaps are an outlet which lead to amazing things happening all around the world in quiet, little ways. BRAVO! Nice piece!

  4. Thank you! I was so happy to be able to tell this story and after last week it was especially refreshing.



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