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The Dance: DOOL

I hate to say this about one of the best soaps on tv, but I think Days has "jumped the shark" in the EJ/Sami/Sydney/Johnny/Rafe/Nicole/Brady saga. I know that Sami and EJ have this inherent need to constantly one-up each other but their latest competition has gotten a bit ridiculous. I thought it couldn't possibly get any worse than Sami shooting EJ in the head and him taking her kids away; but that just proves you should never assume things can't get any worse.

I meant to comment a few weeks ago on EJ's ludicrous idea that Sami somehow caused Johnny to get cancer. It was one thing for him to blurt that out while he was so upset, but he actually tried to make a case for it, saying that Sami caused Johnny's cancer by stressing him out when he moved in with him. First of all no one person can just give somebody cancer. Moreover Johnny had the cancer before he moved into the Dimera mansion it just wasn't detected. The pictures that Gaby took at Rafe and Sami's wedding prove that. EJ's accusations were so far out there that they should have never been included in the show unless at some point we are going to find out that he has brain damage from Sami shooting him.


EJ blaming Sami for Johnny's cancer turned out to be a minor annoyance compared to what is going on now. His arrangement with Nicole is so infantile it borders on pathetic. He can't stand for Sami to be happy with anyone else, that's obvious. He claims to be marrying Nicole for the soul purpose of driving Sami crazy but in actuality it seems that he is only trying to make her jealous. He's playing the game "if my ex is with someone then I have to at least appear to be with someone too." It's as if he has reverted back to being a teenager, further evidence that suggests some sort of residual brain damage.


At least EJ has an excuse for his irrational behavior, which is more than I can say for Nicole, or Brady for that matter. Nicole's fixation on Sydney has gotten out of control, to say the least. It was one thing for her to sort of lose her mind through her miscarriage and desperation to hold onto EJ but she still acts as though she has some eternal claim on Sydney, which is disturbing. Even more disturbing is the fact that no one seems to recognize how crazy it is that she is still so obsessed with Sami's baby. I thought Brady's sanity was returning on Friday when he told Nicole that Sydney was Sami's baby and that she would never belong to her; but instead he seemed to concede to the idea of Nicole marrying EJ to be around Sydney. He's completely ignoring the fact that Nicole helped EJ kidnap his step-sister's kids and is now planning ways to raise them. It boggles the mind that he could be okay with any of this, but somehow he is.


Let me just say that I have no problem with a Brady and Nicole relationship. And I really don't care if Nicole jumps from scheme to scheme but her obsession with Sami's child has to stop. I'm actually finding it difficult to watch at this point. In fact I think the only way I could continue to buy in to Nicole's attachment to Sydney is if through some convoluted sequence of events it turns out that Sydney actually belongs to her. I'm not sure if it would even be possible to create an explanation for such a plot twist, but in Salem I guess anything's possible.



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