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Hidden Truths: GH

On Friday's General Hospital Jax questioned Olivia about the conversation he overheard her having with Kate in regards to Dante being Sonny's son. He agreed to keep this a secret but not before asking how Dante's life would be more compromised as a result of knowing who is father is, a question that has plagued me for weeks. Of course Olivia was somehow able to avoid answering this question.

At this point I think Olivia is actually more afraid of Sonny knowing that she kept this secret from him than she is of Dante being killed. It is quite obvious that Dante's life is in greater danger because neither he or Sonny know that they are father and son. I am not sure how much longer this truth can stay hidden though. As I said in an earlier post, Jax knows Dante already, but only as Dominic. That was until the end of Friday's episode, when it seemed as though Jax was beginning to come to the realization that Dante and Dominic are one in the same.

During the conversation that Jax had with Olivia she foolishly remarked about the similarities between Dante and Sonny, similarities that he likely noticed when he saw Olivia, Dante, Carly, and Morgan talking at Kelly's. At some point I think that Carly is likely to notice these similarities too. In fact, I would even go so far as to say that she will discover Olivia's secret all on her own. Which begs the question of how she will react when she finds out that Jax kept this from her. Moreover, how will she react when she learns that Jax knew who was responsible for Michael's shooting and kept that from her as well?


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Could Guiding Light Alum Stephanie Gatschet Be Looking to Return to Daytime?

I stumbled upon something interesting while scrolling through Instagram last night. It was a comment posted in response to a General Hospital video. The video was reposted by actress Laura Wright (Carly, GH; ex-Cassie,GL). The response came from actress Stephanie Gatschet.

You may recall that in addition to playing Madison North on All My Children, Gatschet played Cassie's daughter, Tammy, on Guiding Light.

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UPDATE: Morgan Englund's Indiegogo campaign is now 76% funded. To meet his goal, $2,418 will need to be donated by June 2nd. 

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Guiding Light alum Morgan Englund (Dylan Lewis) has launched an Indiegogo campaign to help fund a music video for a song he wrote called "Homeward Bound (A Firefighter's Song)", a fitting title and song for the actor who has worked as both a firefighter and paramedic. 

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