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Secrets and Lies: GH

Thursday's GH was all about secrets and lies as Jax found out about Dante, Kate revealed the truth about her suspicious activity with Crimson, and Elizabeth and Nikolas vowed to never act on their feelings again.

A distraught Kate went to Jax and informed him that she had taken money from Trevor Lansing to help bail out the magazine and that the nature of this exchange amounted to money laundering. She also revealed that for months Giselle, her competition, had known about this exchange and was blackmailing her and had recently threatened to expose her secret. Later on, when Jax was out of the room, Kate confided in Olivia about this potential catastrophe. As the two were talking the subject turned to Dante, and Olivia's need to tell the truth about Sonny being his father. And of course the door was open while they were having this conversation so when Jax came back he overheard everything from outside the room. The only thing he is probably not aware of is the fact that Dante and the man he knows as Dominic are one in the same. By the end of the episode he told Olivia that he overheard everything she said. How is it that these two always manage to be in the right place at the right time to hear information that no one else knows? How many secrets can they keep?

Elsewhere Elizabeth met with Nikolas to discuss their need to keep their distance from one another as much as possible, a difficult task considering that Lucky has decided to play brother of the year and make sure Nikolas spends as little time alone as possible. This is undoubtedly GH's way of making sure that viewers observe the close bond between Nikolas and Lucky so that when Lucky finds out about him and Elizabeth the fallout will be that much more heartbreaking. This formula has been seen on soaps for years and it always works! It is the perfect way to showcase the wounded party and set up his or her next storyline.

On a side note Dante continues to have trouble separating his professional life from his private life. He met Johnny at Jake's and when the conversation turned to Johnny's relationship with Olivia, Dante impulsively punched Johnny out. For a cop that thinks he is so good at navigating undercover assignments he sure has a difficult time keeping a level head. I guess he gets that from Sonny!


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