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Beneath the Surface: GH

It seems I was wrong about Kiefer. Apparently he does scare easily, so easily in fact that he took out his fear on Kristina by backhanding her across the face. Call me crazy but if Kiefer really wanted to avoid retaliation from the mob he would stop abusing the mob boss's daughter. Of course that would imply that Kiefer is actually capable of rational thought, which he clearly is not. Aside from the fact that he repeatedly threatens both Kristina and Michael, Kiefer never seemed to make the connection today that Michael, not Kristina, was responsible for the visit from Max and Milo. Obviously Kristina will forgive Kiefer for this "misunderstanding", and not just because of the dynamics involved in abusive relationships, but because Kiefer called her the same thing Sonny called Claudia the night she was killed. And while viewers will undoubtedly note distinct differences between Sonny and Kiefer, Kristina will likely come to the conclusion that if it was acceptable for Sonny to speak to Claudia that way, then Kiefer is no exception. And as difficult as it is to see a teenage girl being abused by her boyfriend, if this storyline helps shed enough light on this issue that teenagers learn to avoid and escape these types of relationships then it will have served its purpose.

Elsewhere in Port Charles, Carly and Jax continue to move forward with their apparent separation. In fact they both seem to have come to the conclusion that their marriage is over. Carly explained to Morgan that Jax would not be around for a while. She even told Jax's mother that she had asked him to leave. Of course none of that compares to the preparations that Jax is attempting to make, seeking Alexis's counsel in obtaining full custody of Jocelyn should his marriage end. I am just glad that Carly caught on to this when Alexis visited her about working through her problems with Jax. If Jax hasn't already given Carly enough reasons to want to end her marriage, the mere fact that he is already making plans to take the baby away from her should. In fact if I were in Carly's position I would be tempted to tell Jax that the baby was Sonny's and be done with it. Surely there is someone in Port Charles that can fake a paternity test.

Speaking of women who try to fake their child's paternity, the scene between Liz, Nikolas and Lucky, where Nikolas was shot, was nothing more than Liz's imagination on overdrive. And just in case viewers weren't fooled by that scene yesterday, it was re-played today to include Nikolas laying on the floor bleeding while Liz wept over his body. Normally I don't mind these classic soap teasers, but I have to say that this one annoyed me. It just seemed like the show was going overboard to try to shock viewers with this teaser, especially today. And if there is one thing I cannot stand is drama that exists for the sole purpose of shocking viewers, see Y&R. And even though I realize that this imaginary scenario is going to inevitably provide Liz with the excuse she needs to keep her affair a secret, the fact that Lucky and Nikolas are brothers should have been the only excuse she needed.


  1. I was crocheting while I was watching that scene and I looked up and went "WTF"? So I had to rewind it and then, oh, it's a fantasy sequence. Again. I can't imagine Lucky (old or new) actually killing his own brother. Socking him in the face? Sure. But killing? He's supposed to be a cop, right? Protect and Serve?

  2. So did you mess up what you were crocheting? lol! I thought it looked kind of weird the first time I saw it, then I had to rewind it just to make sure. It was like when Lucky reached for the gun the film sped up and everything looked weird so I knew it had to be Liz's imagination. And no, I cannot imagine Lucky shooting Nikolas either. That would be really out of character for him, a fist fight? yes. Shooting him? no. Although I have to say the thought of this Lucky attempting to take on Nikolas in a fist fight seems a little ridiculous. lol!

  3. I too was in complete shock watching that scene. Totally unexpected. However, I immediately knew it was a dream of some sort. They have been showing promo after promo of Liz talking to herself, "how can I be engaged to one man and be sleeping with his brother". Since that scene hasn't been shown yet, I knew the affair reveal and subsequent shooting wasn't real. So in terms of the shock value, yes I was shocked but not worried that it was real. As far as Lucky being able to shoot his own brother, I think without question he could and would do it. Remember, he planted the seed with Jason about family. Jason told Lucky he could never kill someone (i.e. Claudia). Lucky told Jason, how do you know, are you sure about that? Lucky stated that people do anything for family. Yes, Nik is his family, however Liz is the most important person (family) in his life. So even though I don't think that is where the writers are taking this, I think that sure, Lucky could shoot Nik, no problem.

    Regarding Kiefer and Kristina, I hadn't even put together that when Kiefer backhanded Kris, he said the same words as Sonny. Good catch Paula! It puts that whole situation into a new perspective. I wonder if Michael will kill again perhaps?

    The whole CarJax thing is annoying. I get that Carly is mad but seriously, as Jax pointed out, he has forgiven her for a lot worse things. Sleeping with Sonny, more than 1 time I might add. It makes for good t.v. I guess, but come on Carly. Jax has waited forever to have a baby and to deny him that now! Shame on you!

  4. Yes, that promo was a dead giveaway. Then there is the fact that I knew Luke was going to finally have a talk with Nikolas. I knew there wouldn't be a need to do that if Nikolas had really gotten shot.

    I remember the scene where Lucky was talking to Jason about family, but in retrospect I think that may have just been thrown in there for the benefit of the viewers as a way of making everyone think for a moment that Lucky had actually shot Nikolas. Not to mention the fact that the Claudia situation is completely different than the Nikolas situation,obviously.

    I agree that Liz is more important to Lucky than Nikolas, but I still can't wrap my mind around him resorting to shooting Nikolas. I just don't see him risking the loss of his badge or his kids for that. Lucky seems much too level-headed to do that in my opinion.

    Yeah, remember the other day when Lucky was talking to Mayor Floyd and he reminded him (and the audience) of what Sonny called Claudia? I think the writers are definitely trying to form a connection in everyone's mind between Sonny and Kiefer, as far as Kristina goes. I have also wondered if Michael was going to kill again, especially after seeing how he was with Kiefer the other day when he said "some people just don't know when to stop". I thought if Kiefer was smart he would leave town! Of course if he was smart he wouldn't keep doing things to irritate the mob! lol!

    I'll grant you that I was surprised that Carly kept Jax away from Jocelyn the day they brought her home, but after he started immediately making plans with Alexis about gaining full custody I lost all sympathy for him. I can attribute any irrationality on Carly's part to having just survived a trauma, not to mention the hormone factor, but Jax seems to be turning into Jerry. I especially didn't like how he arranged it to keep Dante in Port Charles just to get his revenge on Sonny, or the fact that he implied to Dante that Sonny was the one who killed Claudia. And unfortunately I think this is only the beginning of Jax's underhanded schemes.

  5. Paula,

    No, I didn't mess up my crochet(and hey, if you do, you just rip it out and do it over). But my poor puppy thought she did something wrong when I yelled. I missed yesterday's show (curse you TIVO) but today's bag of ashes creeped me out for a second....


  6. Hi Peggy!

    LOL! I can just picture what your dog must have thought! I haven't had a chance to watch today's episode yet, but I have heard that it is good. Did you hear the news? Chad Brannon (Zander) is returning for one episode in Dec. He will be involved in the Rebecca s/l.


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