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Masterful Illusions: GH

For about a week General Hospital fans have undoubtedly played the minute-long James Franco promo over and over again, trying to gain some insight into his contribution to the show. Included in this promo was an image of Claudia's body inside a chalk outline, with her head surrounded by a pool of blood. Upon seeing this image, speculation immediately began that perhaps the mysterious, and aptly named, Franco had retrieved Claudia's body from the ground in order to snap pictures of it. Today, viewers saw a close-up of her body within this chalk outline, but as it turned out this wasn't Claudia at all. Instead this body was revealed to be a model dressed as Claudia who was presumably allowing herself to be photographed by Franco. Obviously these pictures will be sent to Jason as part of some sinister plot, even as he tries to figure out who sent the picture of Claudia wrapped in tarp. To be honest, I find the real mystery to be how someone could move quickly enough to take a picture of Claudia the night of her murder without anyone seeing him. It seems incredibly convenient that this individual, likely Franco, would just happen to be nearby, with a camera, where he could capture criminal activity. This seems even more improbable when one considers that this individual obviously has some sort of agenda in regards to Jason. Then again this picture of Claudia is likely nothing more than a re-creation designed by Franco to mirror her murder scene. Of course he would have still had to have been at the cabin the night of the murder, which makes me think that he has probably been following Jason around for months, perhaps even attending Claudia's party unnoticed. This would certainly explain how he just happened to find his way to the cabin that night. As for the picture that was sent to Jason, Sonny has ordered Dante to find out who took it. Of course Dante may have to find this information fairly quickly, considering that Lulu still seems intent on revealing his true identity. Fortunately for Dante, Sonny doesn't pick up on vague, pseudo-hypothetical scenarios easily. I just hope that Lulu doesn't decide to go to another one of her mob buddies with Dante's secret, or a year from now viewers could be looking at another Claudia situation.

Claudia's Body Double
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  1. Maybe he was in the cabin the whole time? Just a thought. I just found it kind of odd that when the model asked if she could get up, it appeared that she was alone?


  2. Hi Peggy!

    That's an interesting theory because they have been referring to him as a recluse so a cabin in the woods would certainly fit that description. It just seems kind of strange to me that he would accidentally cross paths with Jason. I agree though that the model did appear to be alone yesterday because no one answered her when she asked if she could get up. Then again that may have been done on purpose because we weren't supposed to see Franco yet. And there was a break in between the time she asked that and the time she got up so maybe that's when he was supposed to have answered her.(If that makes any sense.) Of course all of this is speculation and interpretation on my part because it is still too soon to tell how all of this will play out. I'm looking forward to watching it all unfold though. It should be an interesting storyline. I just hope it lives up to all the hype. Any thoughts on how CO77X might tie into all of this?

  3. Just some thoughts. I've read that Mr. Polletti was Franco's father (or something like that) and that Franco blames Jason for Polletti's death, therefore the Jason stalking. This also explains the Dante connection in all of this. Still no clue about the CO77X, though.

    At any rate, what a story line! The model as Claudia reminded me of something director Brian DePalma would do. Remember him? Kind of a modern day Hitchcock.

    The only thing about this is that GH has totally moved from the hospital to being centered around Sonny. It's like a daytime Sopranos. I miss the Quartermaines. Thankfully,they are due to be featured for another hilarious "Thanksgiving" dinner.

    I like Robin but Patrick AND Robin are a pretty dull couple to me. I'm also tired of the Liz, Lucky, Nicholas triangle. Nicolas has some spark, but Liz and Lucky are also dull to me now. I never got into Natalia Livingstone as Emily. Amber Tamblyn was wonderful but played a much younger Emily.

    I know I'm rambling...thanks for reading!

  4. Hi Paula!

    I've often wondered about this same sort of connection. I thought that perhaps Dante remembered seeing CO77X around the same time Mr. Poletti was murdered. I've even wondered if Jason might have killed Mr. Poletti. And Franco being his son certainly makes a lot of sense too. At the very least it seems probable that there is a definite connection between Dante, Franco, Mr. Poletti, and Jason. Of course this could all just be some elaborate maze designed to throw the viewers off course. GH has been known to do that a time or two. Remember when they had the text message killer and they made Coop look suspicious, then they hired that creepy guy to work at Kelly's and made him seem suspicious too? Then he left as soon as the mystery was solved and no one ever saw him again. lol!

    The model Claudia thing was creepy. As I was watching I was thinking I wonder why I didn't know that Sarah Brown still technically had another air date. So that was totally unexpected when the model opened her eyes. Great moment though! It is not often when a soap can take viewers completely by surprise and that definitely surprised me. Nice observation with the Brian DePalma reference by the way!

    GH is sort of like a daytime version of the Sopranos. For the most part I like that, but it would be nice to have more of a balance on the show from time to time. And they definitely need to re-establish the Quartermaine family, even though there aren't that many left anymore.

    Patrick and Robin have become kind of stale. I guess that is why the show is bringing back Patrick's ex-girlfriend. It is kind of too bad that guy that Robin met when she was having her bout with post-partem depression didn't somehow show up in Port Charles. Even though Robin was not herself when she met him I still thought they had great chemistry.

    Liz/Lucky/Nikolas, where do I begin? Liz and Lucky had become dull even before Greg Vaughan left the show, but I am still one of those few people who is having trouble totally jumping on board with Jonathan Jackson's return. I like him and I had high hopes for his return but for me it is like watching someone other than Lucky. I think they need to pair him off with someone other than Elizabeth soon because I'm just not feeling any connection between the two of them.


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