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Risky Behavior: GH

While I am glad that Jason was able to convince Sonny to allow Michael to live with Carly and Jax, it may be too little too late. I am not sure if anything short of going to jail will cause a profound change in Michael's attitude and behavior. Obviously living with Sonny wasn't a good idea, despite Sonny's claims that he was helping Michael deal with everything that happened. I must have missed that episode because the only thing I have seen Sonny do is pat Michael on the back for a job well done. On the other hand I am not sure if Carly can do anything to help Michael either. As Sonny pointed out, even if they confess everything to the police, Michael will be a target of Anthony Zacchara. And as much as I hate to admit it Sonny is probably right. However, it is clear that Michael needs some sort of intervention because quite frankly this kid scares me a little. And I don't think he would hesitate to kill again should the opportunity arise.

Meanwhile, Sonny's other son, Dante, continues to try to build a case against him, which cannot be easy with Lulu's constant interference. I am not sure how many more times I can endure her calling Dante officer or mention the fact that Sonny is her father's oldest friend. And she always manages to do this at the most inappropriate places, like at Kelly's, in front of Mike, or outside Sonny's office. She may as well take out an ad in the newspaper announcing that Dante is a cop and call it a day. Honestly I can't decide who I find more annoying at the moment, Lulu, or Elizabeth, who accepted Lucky's proposal out of spite when Nikolas interrupted it. I hope it doesn't take long for Lucky to realize what Elizabeth has been doing behind his back because it is becoming too painful to watch him constantly making excuses for her behavior, particularly when it is so obvious that she and Nikolas deserve each other.


  1. Hi Paula!

    Great post today! Michael truly needs a spanking, LOL. Although is it bad to say that I hope he does kill Kiefer?!? I am not sure what is going to get through to Michael, but he definitely needs some advice. Where is Lainey when you need her.

    Lulu and Dominic oh how I love thee. I actually find her calling him officer cute. She barely said it above whisper level, and she only said it when he gave her cause. Like when he said asked he he needed to "detain her". I mean, with a line like that how could she not throw officer in his face. I can't wait to see what Sonny is going to do when he finds out about him!

    In regards to Liz and Lucky, I am growing annoyed with her as well. However, I don't think she accepted the ring out of spite for Nikolas. If that were the case she wouldn't have called Lucky to come over. Does she have feelings for Nik? Yes, I think so but pure lust and not based on real love. I think she is torn for her genuine feelings of love towards Lucky and lust towards Nikolas. I don't know about you but I would rather have "love", than purely lust. That said, I wish she would stop playing Lucky for a fool and just tell him already. Sadly, I think she will slip up again and run to Nikolas but hopefully she will realize soon what she has with Lucky. In the mean time, I can't wait for Lucky to find out and for the Cassadine war to start. Nikolas truly showed his vindictive side yesterday by barging in on Liz and Lucky and I can't wait for him to get whats coming to him.

  2. Ah, soapies. If anyone needs a spanking, it's Nikolas. Please. It just doesn't work going after your brother's intended.

    Also, Michael has gone to the police so many times claiming he did this or that, so if he goes in now and says he's whacked Claudia, will anyone believe him? Just a thought.

    Can't wait for James Franco to show up!

  3. Paula,
    You said it so WELL! I agree with you 100%! Liz told Nik the first time she slept with him that she "loves" Lucky, but not the way she should. That is a different kind of love than what is needed to make a marriage work. She loves him as a friend, confidant, father of her children, wonderful person, etc. - not soul mate, need to be with, romantic kind of love. Down deep she may find that, but right now, she does not want that relationship with him! I say cut him loose, and also give Nik the boot, cause he is not worth wasting her time! Great post!

  4. Hi Future Teach!

    Speaking of Kiefer I am surprised they didn't show anything about Kiefer and Kristina yesterday considering that it left off the other day when he brought her to the hospital. Not a very smart move on his part I might add!

    I found Lulu calling Dante officer cute the first few times now it is like her only line and she doesn't seem to care where she is when she says it. That, and the aforementioned line of "Sonny is my father's oldest friend." It is like okay Lulu we get it you have a loyalty to Sonny and you don't care that he kills people.

    Actually Liz didn't call Lucky to come over to her studio, he just showed up because he was worried about her. He knew where she was because he had dropped her off there earlier so she could think.

    Obviously I would rather have love than lust, but I don't think it is that cut and dry with Elizabeth's confusion about Nikolas and Lucky. I think this is the classic soap triangle in that Elizabeth is caught between the man she should love and the man she actually loves. I do believe she loves Lucky but it is more of that nostalgic first love, he's a good father to my kids, and he treats me so well kind of love. So essentially its more like friendship mixed with gratitude. With Nikolas I think Elizabeth is experiencing a more passionate type of love. And I actually think her feelings for him run a bit deeper than lust. After she played out the whole Nikolas getting shot scenario in her head and she made up that story for Lucky about the woman being afraid of losing her husband who was a patient, she had tears in her eyes as she talked about the prospect of losing the man that she loved. On the surface it would seem that she was referring to Lucky, when in fact I think she was thinking about Nikolas the whole time she was talking. I also think that her sleeping with Lucky yesterday was a knee-jerk reaction to her argument with Nikolas. She has been resisting Lucky's advances for weeks, then as soon as she has a fight with Nikolas she can't jump in the sack with Lucky fast enough. However, I do think that she wants to want Lucky but I don't think she has ever truly fallen back in love with him since his bout with drugs and his affair with Maxie. As for Nikolas I am not sure if he has genuine feelings for anybody but himself. It is difficult to tell whether he really wants Elizabeth or if he just wants something he can't have, like the spoiled little rich kid he is.

  5. Hi garbskye!

    Normally I might agree with you about Nikolas needing a spanking, however with all of his repugnant behavior I would be afraid that he might enjoy that a little too much! ;)

    I'm not sure the police would believe Michael either, particularly Mac, who is as clueless as they come. Since most of the evidence has been destroyed the whole situation reeks of Sonny and Jason so the police would probably just think that Michael was covering for them.

    I can't wait for the James Franco storyline either. The promos look really good!

  6. Hi Lizzy!

    I agree Nikolas needs the boot as well! The way he has been acting lately he deserves to end up alone.

  7. To all blog posters:

    Obviously things got a bit out of hand on here today. As a result I have deleted most of the above comments and all future comments may be subject to approval by me, the blog administrator.

    Thanks so much,


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