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The Best Laid Plans: GH

Today's General Hospital was a little lackluster for a Friday episode. I am not sure if it is because they are building up their storylines or just saved their less compelling content for today because they assumed many people would be watching the finale of Guiding Light. Whatever the reason was it at least gave viewers a chance to catch up and provided a little foreshadowing of future events.

Sonny told Dante that if Anthony tried to take down his organization again he wanted him to kill Johnny, noting that he did not trust him anyway. He also told Dante that this was not something he wanted Jason involved in. Of course this is something he does not want Jason involved in. Jason has told him repeatedly that Claudia is the problem, not Johnny. And it has become increasingly clear that Sonny does not want to hear anything negative about Claudia, even when it is the truth and pertains to his own son. He is also looking for any excuse to eliminate Johnny because of his involvement with Olivia and thinks Dante is the perfect person to carry out this mission. And while Dante agreed to kill Johnny, this was clearly only to avoid raising suspicions about his loyalty to Sonny. Later on Dante went to Johnny's hospital room to thank him for going to the warehouse in his place and to tell him that he would repay the favor someday. I think Dante intends to do this in two ways. First of all, he is obviously not going to kill Johnny and will likely try to find a way to keep anyone else from killing him either. Second of all, Dante probably hopes to be able to persuade Johnny into testifying against Sonny and Anthony in exchange for a lighter jail sentence. It is ironic when one thinks about the fact that both Dante and Johnny are sons of mob bosses and may ultimately prove to be the only ones capable of bringing down the mob. The only thing I do not understand is how Dante made it to Johnny's hospital room. It would have been difficult enough for Dante to walk from his room to Johnny's if they were in the same hospital, but seeing as how Dante was at GH and Johnny was at Mercy, this seems impossible.

Elsewhere, inside Jax's office, Michael continued to beg him to tell him what happened the night he was shot. Jax refused, only telling him that he was not involved in his shooting and did not order a hit on Sonny. He was in the middle of telling him that the rest of the details would have to wait until Carly had the baby, when Carly walked in and wanted to know what they were talking about. Her suspicions grew moments later when Jason and Sam arrived to talk to Jax, but Jason convinced her to leave, reassuring her that she had nothing to worry about. Once she was gone, Jason told Jax that Michael may be in danger if the wrong person found out his memory was returning, unaware that Claudia already knew. Apparently Jax agreed to help find out who was responsible for Michael's shooting because later on Jason and Sam implied that Jax was gathering information for them about who went to visit Michael at the institute. Jax could save everyone a lot of time by just telling them what he knows. Instead he is obviously going to stay true to form and protect himself, and likely Jerry, by pretending to know nothing and selectively choosing what information is made available for investigation. In the end this type of scheming could be beneficial to Jax because it makes him appear helpful and less knowledgeable about the details involved in Michael's shooting.


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