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Moment of Truth: GH

On Thursday's General Hospital Jax went to see Dante at the hospital to offer to let him stay with him and Carly. While he was there Sonny walked in, prepared to let Dante stay with him and Claudia instead. As Sonny and Jax exchanged words, Jax spotted Dante's badge on the table and covered it with his hand to conceal it from Sonny. Moments later, Jax left with the badge in hand while Sonny talked Dante into recovering at his house. Once Sonny left, Jax walked back in the room and let Dante know that he was aware he was Olivia's son, the cop. Jax then offered to help put Sonny in jail, knowing all too well what this would entail. Jax is definitely beginning to exhibit the same behavior as his brother. He is using information that only he or a limited number of people know in order to get something he wants, in this case Sonny out of his life. And just like Jerry, it does not matter how doing this will affect those around him. And he thinks Sonny should be in jail!

Meanwhile, at the Metro Court, Michael told Carly he left school early because he started having memories about what people said to him while he was in the coma. And while he did not really get into the specifics of his memories, namely that he remembered Jax and Claudia apologizing, he did tell her that he was not sure he could trust those memories. As they were discussing this Jax walked in, having returned from visiting Dante. Michael told him that he was not sure anything he remembered was real, which I am sure came as a relief to Jax. Moments later Michael remembered Claudia explaining to him how she had hired the shooter, but never intended for him to get shot. Obviously he is going to confront Claudia about this, but since he does not feel like he can trust his memories she may be able to talk her way out getting caught once again.

Elsewhere in Port Charles, Maxie was trying to figure out how she was going to get through her wedding without breaking Spinelli's heart. She went to Robin for advice, who told her what everyone has been telling her for months, that she needed to talk to Spinelli. Maxie ignored this advice, deciding instead to marry Spinelli regardless of her doubts, noting that she did not want to lose him or break his heart. Later on at the wedding rehearsal Mac continued to search for ways to stop the ceremony, while Maxie searched for ways to make it through the ceremony. Eventually she pulled Jason aside, telling him that she needed to talk to him in private after the rehearsal. Once she thought everyone had left, she told Jason that she needed him to make sure she went through with the wedding no matter what. She told him that she wanted to spend her life with Spinelli but she was not ready to get married just yet. As it turned out, for better or worse (no pun intended), Spinelli overheard this conversation. It was probably good that Spinelli found out this way because it allowed him to hear the truth from Maxie in a way that prevented her from being able to lie. Moreover, he was able to hear how she truly felt about him in a way that did not just seem like she was trying to spare his feelings.


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