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The Dark Prince: GH

Ever since Nikolas found out that Rebecca came to Port Charles to con money out of him and the Quartermaines, he has become a much darker version of himself. And even though he claimed that he forgave Rebecca it was obvious that he was only using this "forgiveness" as a way of getting her close enough to hurt her. And this week he revealed just how he planned to do making her over to look exactly like Emily. His first act of revenge was to give Rebecca a dress identical to one that Emily wore. He then suggested that she let her hair return to its natural color, Emily's hair color. At first Rebecca was suspicious of this suggestion, but she seemed to brush it off fairly easily.

Later on Lucky and Elizabeth were at the pier getting ready to go to the carnival with Rebecca, Nikolas, and Spencer when Elizabeth noticed Rebecca's dress. She and Lucky exchanged comments about it, noting that it was exactly like one of Emily's. Lucky then complimented Rebecca on the dress, obviously trying to find out the meaning behind her choice of attire. And when she told him that Nikolas gave it to her, Elizabeth made up an excuse to leave so she could confront Nikolas. Once at Wyndemere, Elizabeth tried to reason with Nikolas, but he seemed determined to carry out his plan. At this point I do not think that anyone is going to be able to dissuade Nikolas, even Elizabeth, which makes me wonder what this means for their potential as a couple. Of course there is also the possibility of forthcoming events at the carnival factoring into that as well.

By now it is common knowledge that someone is inevitably going to die at this carnival or as a result of it. The promos lead viewers to believe that it is going to be a child, given the fact that they feature a close-up of a stuffed bear. If this is true, and someone's child actually does die, Spencer is the only one I can think of whose death would affect the current storylines. Of course I am still hoping that they are not actually going to kill off one of the child characters, but if Spencer is the one that exits this would certainly have a profound impact on Nikolas. Let's say that Edward accidentally hits Spencer with his car after he loses control of it. Nikolas and the Quartermaines are already at odds with one another and given the state of mind that Nikolas is in he would likely seek revenge on Edward for killing his son. Then, of course, there is Elizabeth who encouraged Nikolas to take Spencer to the carnival after he said that he was not bringing him. If something happened to Spencer while there, Nikolas would likely blame Elizabeth for talking him into bringing him. And obviously this would affect any potential they have for a future relationship, especially given Nikolas's recent need for revenge.


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