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Damsel Distressed: GH

If the scenes between Lucky and Liz were meant to give viewers a sense that Liz was getting everything she deserved, then the scenes between Lulu and Liz were meant to evoke sympathy for Port Charles's latest femme fatale. Between Lulu, Ethan, the onlookers at the hospital, Liz's wounded expression, and her injured hand, General Hospital produced the soap opera equivalent of bullying Tiny Tim in the school yard. Ethan even began to feel sorry for Liz, as he urged Lulu to leave her alone and later offered her a ride home.

I knew that this show was going to expect viewers to feel sorry for Liz sooner or later, I was just hoping it would be later...much later. Let's not forget that Liz has been the one walking around town the last few months with a smug look on her face, as she practically dared Rebecca to tell Lucky about her affair.

And now that everything has finally come crashing down around her everyone is expected to pity her. This really should come as no surprise since Liz always seems to come out of every situation looking like a victim, especially to men who always feel the need to protect her. In fact the few women, like Lulu, who have dared to expose Liz's selfish behavior, eventually have to defend themselves to these men. And even though Lucky finally seems to have gained some clarity I suspect it will not be very long before he feels the need to rescue Liz from this situation she brought upon herself.


  1. The writers may want us to feel like Liz is the victim but I for one think she got exactly what she deserves and I hope it keeps on coming.

    The one person I hope doesn't gloat or try to crucify Elizabeth is Sam. Sam has no place to judge Liz after she seduced Lucky while he was still married to Liz.

    I don't care if any other character in Port Charles continues to crucify Liz - in public or private - as long as Sam isn't one of them.

  2. Hi GHfanatic91!

    Obviously I think Liz got what she deserved. I hated the way Lisa and Robin were talking about Lulu today. Lisa with "the blonde this" and "the blonde that" and Robin talking about how Lulu shouldn't have broadcast Liz's personal life like that. I didn't see any of them trying to stop her at the time. They all just stood there and listened. And if anyone was the injured party in that situation it was Lulu because it was her family that was hurt by Liz. So why was Liz getting all the sympathy?

    Honestly I don't foresee the writers having Sam judge Liz, especially since she is with Jason. I think that would just make Sam look bad and make it harder for people to root for her and Jason.


  3. I for one found the "the blonde" stuff that Lisa was saying a bit irritating. I see that Steve showed up all concerned, too.

    I just think that someone should have stopped Lulu from frothing at the mouth. Like Sonny. Or Ephiphany. Geez, in real life someone (probably me) would have said something.

    I still don't feel sorry for Elizabeth. GH writers will have to work a little harder.


  4. Hi Peggy!

    I think the Lisa character gets more annoying every time she is on. And I still can't figure out why they recast this role. Not that I cared that much for the first Lisa, it just seems strange to me.

    I was also surprised that no one stepped in and stopped Lulu, despite how entertaining it was to watch. I thought it was funny that no one said anything to stop Lulu, but yesterday Epiphany made Patrick and Robin stop whispering about it. It was like where were you yesterday when the entire hospital was disrupted? lol!

    I don't feel sorry for Liz either, but according to Soap Opera Digest and Robert Guza, Jr., the head writer, Lucky is going to "be there to heal [Liz], but will have trouble forgiving her." So great Lucky is going to be Liz's hero again. That just reinforces the idea that Lucky is drawn to "victim Liz".


  5. i hope the reason they recast the role of Lisa was because the other "lisa" was a horrible actress. It was torture watching her scenes. This actress it's a lot better, but at least I don't want to pull my hair out when she has scenes.

    Of course no one stopped Lulu, becuse it WAS entertaining to watch, and this is a fictional TV show, not real life. If everyone hates Liz so much, why would you want to stop someone from embarassing her in public?? I'm not a Liz fan, and I think it was absolutely hilarious that everyone just stood there and stared while Lulu ripped her a new one.

    As far a Liz goes, are you really surprised that her brother defended her? They have to have people take sides, because if everyone just hated her, there would be no story.

  6. Hi Anonymous!

    I didn't necessarily want someone to stop Lulu, but I was surprised that no one did considering how appalled they seemed to be by what she did the following day. And if Epiphany was going to make a big deal out of people just talking about it, why didn't she have a problem with the disruption itself? I just found that funny.

    I think Liz deserved to be embarrassed in front of everyone she knew. I think one of her biggest fears is that everyone is going to stop seeing her as this perfect person, so public humiliation was definitely called for.

    I'm confused by your last statement because I don't remember anyone mentioning Steve in this post, but to answer your question I expect Steve to defend Liz. In fact that seems to be the purpose that this character is meant to serve, at least for now. My main complaint is that every other guy in Port Charles falls for Liz's woe is me act. It doesn't seem to matter what she does, she always emerges as the victim.



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