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Three's a Crowd: GH

It seems like I have been anticipating Lucky's discovery of Liz's affair for years. I have long awaited this revelation hoping that it would prompt some sort of resolution in which Lucky finally stopped making excuses for Liz and immediately called off their engagement. Once Lucky witnessed Liz's torrid affair for himself, this not only seemed possible but probable. Instead there was no confrontation, Lucky's only immediate reaction was to smash inanimate objects placed around his house before calling Laura to get her input on the Cassadine heritage. I certainly hope this conversation doesn't mean Lucky blames Nikolas for an affair that is only partially his fault. Lucky appeared to be angry at Liz as well, but since he didn't confront her about the affair it was difficult to interpret whether or not he actually blamed her for it. It seems odd that he could see her only moments after catching her with Nikolas and not say a word to her about what she did. I would have much rather seen him interrupt her "goodbyes" with Nikolas, letting them witness his anger firsthand, before going home to smash everything in sight. It would have made that scene seem more significant, and Lucky's actions in it less like a tantrum.

Lucky, Liz, & Nikolas scenes
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  1. I too was a little disappointed with the way Lucky handled that shock. But at the same time I am wondering just what he has up his sleeve by requesting that Nikolas not leave. I don't think he will be forgiving and forgetful as much as he may want to be with Elizabeth. May be what he has in mind is- to marry her just to make her and Nikolas suffer - who knows? I am just hoping this whole affair will get interesting at some point. If not, then what's the point??

  2. If you take into account the history of the character, Lucky is not one to "jump the gun" in terms of his reactions to people. He is cunning, methodical, and clearly wants to figure out what to do in terms of dealing with Nik and Liz. I found it very appropriate for him to not say anything to Liz...he wan't the upper hand and he is figuring how to "handle the mess". It would have been to easy for him to confront her right away, this makes for a soapier story for him to have kept her in the dark about what he now knows.

    And you really call what Lucky did a tantrum? Wow! His reaction was extremely symbolic and points to the fact that he is destroying his "own" illusions of love. That house represents falsehoods and just like Luke realized it, Lucky is now realizing it. And believe me, Liz and Nik will witness his anger firsthand....and they had better watch out.

  3. Hi Anonymous 1!

    I'm not sure what Lucky was thinking when he asked Nikolas to stay either, but it is definitely possible that he was thinking of going forward with the marriage to torture Nikolas. Of course now that Lucky has apparently fallen off the wagon that will likely change any plans he had.


  4. Hi Anonymous 2!

    While I don't expect everyone to agree with everything that is said on this blog, by me or any other posters, I feel that it might be necessary to remind you that I expect everyone to be respectful of the opinions shared on here, whether you agree with them or not. This means being mindful of not only your words, but also the tone in which your comments are written. This is so everyone feels safe enough to voice their opinions on here without the fear of repercussions. The reason I am reminding you of this is because the tone of a couple of your sentences bordered on disrespectful.

    Paula (Blog Administrator)

  5. Paula,

    With all due respect I am a tad bit confused at Lucky's reaction to catching Elizabeth and Nikolas together. I mean it's one thing that they were making out, but when Nikolas told Elizabeth he loved her and she responded with same, I don't know, in real life, do you think Lucky would just walk away? I can only speak for myself but I know I would have started screeching. But hey, it's a soapie!


  6. Hi Peggy!

    I thought it was kind of strange that Lucky walked away too. It seemed to me that bursting in the door and yelling at them at that moment would have been like a reflex. I doubt I would have the composure to just quietly close the door and then walk away.


  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. ITA with you Paula! Howwwww disappointing!
    After putting us through an horrendous s/l THIS is what happens after Lucky witnesses Liz and Nik's disloyalty firsthand?? Soooo unsatisfying for the fans, not to mention very unrealistic.
    I've been trying to blog about this all week, however, other things have gotten in the way.
    Good job!

  9. Hi Michele!

    Thanks for commenting, and for the compliment. I just barely managed to squeeze this post in this week myself. I was so looking forward to something happening with all of this...finally, and now I feel like this storyline is just going to go on forever. The big Dante/Sonny reveal is coming up. I hope that one proves to be more entertaining.


  10. At last, Jonathan Jackson as Lucky is becoming halfway interesting (that means a little less boring). Still though, I'm finding myself not really caring if I miss GH these days. The Lisa/Patrick storyline is too predictable. Perhaps the Quartermaine/Ward storyline will add some zest. I'm tired of Michael, too, not to mention the Liz/Nicholas/Lucky line. One bright spot -- love Carolyn Hennesey anytime she is on as Diane!

    Paula Q

  11. Hi Paula!

    Yes, hopefully Friday's episode is a sign that everything is about to get more interesting! I completely agree with you about the Lisa/Patrick thing. I am so bored with that storyline. It might not be so bad if we weren't already in the middle of the Lucky/Liz/Nikolas triangle, but since we are...Hopefully that one is coming to somewhat of an end so we can move on to something else. I'm just not sure I'm ready for Lucky to have another addiction setback though. I hope that is not where we are headed.



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