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Darkness and Light: GH

Like many General Hospital fans, I watch the show everyday in a blissful state of denial, never acknowledging the fact that Sonny and Jason are criminals. I find it easy to denounce Mac when he is urging Maxie to stay away from Spinelli, and I cheer for Diane whenever she keeps someone from the Corinthos organization from going to prison. However, as I watched the events of the week unfold, knowing that they were inevitably going to lead to Dante's shooting, my rose-colored glasses came off and I quickly snapped back to reality.


I found myself repulsed watching Jason standing in the church during Josslyn's christening, knowing that he had just signed Dante's death certificate without giving it a second thought. I was even repulsed by Spinelli, whose detective work set everything into motion. Moreover, I was sickened by his cavalier attitude regarding Dante's imminent demise, and the fact that he never showed an ounce of remorse or regret until Maxie told him that Lulu had found love. This was particularly unsettling considering the reservations he had about finding incriminating evidence against Claudia. Of course even Michael seems more concerned by the fact that he killed Claudia, than he does about being responsible for Dante's death, a man who saved Morgan, Sonny, and Lulu, three people he is supposed to care about. Then again if these heroic acts do not warrant a free pass with Sonny I suppose I shouldn't expect Michael to care about them either.

I still find it hard to fathom that in light of everything Dante has done to protect Sonny and his loved ones that it would be that easy for Sonny to shoot him. This act was purely vengeful. Shooting Dante served no purpose to Sonny because Dante's superiors already had all the evidence against him. I must admit though, that there is a certain irony to all of this, considering that for the past few years Sonny has been blaming himself for Michael's shooting, and now he has to live with the fact that he deliberately tried to kill his other son. Over the next few weeks it will be interesting to see how this realization affects Sonny, and what it will do to his perception of the world he lives in.

Sonny and Dante Face-off
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  1. I am usually one of the ones defending JasonI buy into the Jax theory, that Jason was a kid and Sonny took him and made him what he was with no though. And while I thought this past week has been phenomenal I have to say that I would have thought that they would have made Jason have second thoughts because of how Franco made him feel. I guess not.

    I also agree with you on the Spinelli angle. Wasn't he and Sam supposed to stay clean and above board since they were working under Bernie's license.

    I like the way they are writing the story up to this point. I want them to have people turn against Sonny because of this and have him finally pay for what he has done. Not because of a moral outrage, but because I don't like him. He isn't a likable character at all. Truth be told, never did. Jason acts more like a father to Michael than his own father.

  2. Hi Rita!

    Excellent point! You would think that Jason would have been reluctant to jump into another hit coming off of the Franco thing. That should have been something they touched on. It would have been weird if Jason couldn't arrange the hit, causing Sonny to ask Johnny to do it. What a predicament that would have been! And you are right Jason does act more like a father to Michael than Sonny does. I have noticed that too. Sonny just doesn't pay enough attention to the things that affect his children.


  3. Even though I knew how Friday's show would end, kudos to Dominic Z. and Maurice B. for some stellar acting! The passionate Dante(like Sonny used to be) and the cold-hearted Sonny. I loved the way Sonny turned away as he shot, too. Talk about conflict.

    Granted the interplay of the christening was a bit much. I don't have too much experience with christenings in general but geez, there were a few people there who needed a re-do, eh? Talk about evil spirits in Jason and Michael. Can't fault Spinelli, though, because, well, maybe he thought at the last minute Mr. Sir would slap Dominic/Dante. Who knows? I'm just happy they didn't play "Lacrimosa" or dare I say it? "Mad World."

  4. Oop, one more kudo - Lisa L! The look on Olivia's face made me cry.

  5. Hi Peggy!

    Brilliant acting yesterday indeed! I see some Emmy nominations in the future. And yes, Sonny turning away as he shot him, very telling. I can't wait to see how this all plays out on Monday. I hope they show the end of yesterday's on Monday and then go into the rest of the scene.


  6. Paula,

    I watched it again online at Soapnet with the Lisa and Dominic's comments on the side. The second time I watched it, I paid attention to Spinelli a little more (so much better because Tazzy and kitty weren't bugging me for dinner), and he looked more remorseful than clueless. Still, you'd think he'd do more than just sit there and say nothing to Maxie.

    I can't wait until Monday, too. I'm sure they'll replay a little, because they always do. I'm wondering who will call 911, don't you?


  7. Hi Peggy!

    I haven't watched it with the commentary on yet, but I think I will in a little while. What surprised me most about Spinelli was that he didn't seem to even have any reservations about what he was doing until Maxie pointed out that Dante and Lulu were going to end up together. I wonder if Mac will figure out that Sonny knew there was a warrant out for his arrest before he shot Dante. If anyone figures that out, they will know that Spinelli most likely hacked into the police department's computer system.

    I hadn't thought that much about the 911 call, but now that you mention it that is an interesting question. Obviously Olivia is going to be a wreck and Sonny, well I guess it depends on how fast he processes what he did. Maybe someone else comes in after Olivia, like Johnny, and calls 911.


  8. First of all great acting! Super way for dom to go down. He went out like a man. Great speech and great way to try and show the audience who the REAL good guys are! Oh yeah Olivia is SO good looking.

  9. Hi Anonymous!

    Yes, Dante's speech right before Sonny shot him was great! He is a very honorable guy. And yes, for once they are making it look like the cops are the good guys, or at least Dante.


  10. Great comments and insights from everyone. Yes, I especially agree with the comment that Sonny will have still another bout of "harming his son" on his conscience.

    The reality is that this has been building up for months - the question of when and how Sonny would find out DOMte is his son.

    What I don't like about the story line is that Sonny wimped out on Claudia and even wimped out on Franco (as did Jason), yet he found it so easy to shoot DOMte. And hasn't he threatened a bunch of other people as well to no avail?

    Yes, Dominic's speech was stirring -- notice how his eyes started to tear up.

    It was one of the best episodes ever!

    Now what will the next big story line be? I don't care about Scrubs or Niz. I understand that a Watermaine (Ward/Quartermaine)is coming and perhaps the evil Cassadine story line will kick into high gear.

    Paula Q

  11. Hi Paula!

    I totally agree about Sonny letting Franco get away. I meant to include that in the post but forgot. I couldn't believe how much easier it seemed to be for Sonny to kill Dante than any of his other enemies. He even let Anthony Zacchara live after he found out that he shot Kate at their wedding. And like I said Dante saved Sonny's life, Lulu's, and Morgan's.

    I've been trying to figure out what the next storyline is going to be too. I am guessing it will be the Cassadine thing because they have been keeping it on the back burner for a while now.


  12. Hi Paula!
    As always, you make all good points!
    I couldn't agree more re: Jason and Spinelli - especially Spinelli!!! You kind of expect it of Jason. I mean the guy's Sonny's hitman, although I think they do a good job with showing Jason's kinder, gentler side. But Spin? I have a real hard time reconciling that he knew and just went to the christening like nothing was wrong.
    But, I must say, last week's GH was superb soap watching!

  13. Hi Michele!

    Thanks for commenting, and also for becoming an official follower! Very cool of you to do that! :)

    Spinelli definitely seems to be having a much easier time with all of this than I would have expected. Like I said he seemed to have a much harder time dealing with the idea of Claudia being killed...go figure.

    Absolutely, in terms of GH's entertainment value the past few weeks, I have been glued to the tv and on the edge of my seat! I am constantly amazed at how many truly gifted actors this show has.


  14. Your welcome!

    I actually tried to become a follower before, but for some reason it didn't go through and then I couldn't figure out what I did wrong....
    I tell ya, technology - can't live with it, can't live without it! LOL

  15. Hi Michele!

    You must have tried it the week that google was having problems with it. Apparently during that time no one could use the follow feature at all. I just accidentally ran across that info. a few nights ago when I was looking for something else. Before then I had no idea that there was even a problem with it. Like you said!



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