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When All is Said and Done: GH

In the midst of all the chaos surrounding Franco's latest antics, more on that later, I could not help noticing Lucky and Maxie's reactions to the safety of his hostages. Neither one of them seemed at all concerned with Sam's well being. When Maxie thought someone might have died in an explosion her initial reaction was to hope that it wasn't Lulu. This made it seem like Lulu was the only one she was concerned about even though she and Sam were friends long before she and Lulu ever started speaking to each other. It seems rather strange to me that Maxie wouldn't at least be as equally concerned about Sam as she was Lulu. Still, I can kind of overlook a little insensitivity from Maxie, primarily because she has a tendency to be that way a lot, but also because Lulu has become like a sister to her since Georgie's death. In addition, Maxie feels guilty about letting herself be used by Franco, not to mention the fact that if that had never happened she would have likely been at Crimson when Franco came to kidnap her, thereby preventing Lulu from getting kidnapped instead.

Lucky's reaction to the hostage situation baffled me. In fact I was more than just a little annoyed by it. Let's forget for a moment how ridiculous it looked to see Lucky trying to beat Jason up when he thought Lulu was dead, and focus on his implications that Sam was expendable because she chose a life with Jason. I guess Lucky thought that since Sam knowingly put herself in danger by attaching herself to Jason, she should be prepared to suffer the consequences and so should everyone else...and this is someone Lucky supposedly cared about once upon a time. I understand that he was worried about his sister, but Jason sent Dante to rescue her as soon as he found out where she was, not to mention the fact that he had no way of knowing that Sam's bomb wasn't real. It is not as if Jason could have been in two places at once either, saving Lulu and Sam simultaneously, although Lucky seemed to think that Jason should have been able to do that, or at least be able to read Franco's mind. I must say I am really beginning to feel sorry for Jason. Everyone looks at him like he is some sort of superhero and has all the answers, but he is the first one blamed when something goes awry.

Lucky's logic implied that because Sam knowingly became involved with someone dangerous she forfeited the right to expect safety, and that anything that happened to her was her fault. I wonder if this same logic would apply to Lulu because she has certainly never found herself in a dangerous situation she had to be rescued from. Although I do seem to recall her having to be rescued by Dante and Johnny recently when she almost drowned because she was determined to find Carly in spite of the danger.

In conclusion, I find it ironic that Lucky would use Sam's relationship with Jason to point out that people who knowingly place themselves in situations where they might get hurt should be prepared to deal with the outcome. I wonder if he will feel so strongly about that when he realizes that he has allowed the same woman to cheat on him once again.

--Check back soon to read my thoughts on James Franco's unprecedented General Hospital visit!


  1. Hi, Paula:

    I hear you about Maxie's concern about Lulu vs. Sam. I actually saw two streams of concerns for both Lulu and Sam. I saw Maxie/Spinelli focusing on the Lulu kidnaping and Alexis/Kristina giving the Sam kidnapping equal weight.

    I totally agree with you regarding Lucky jumping on Jason. But there again, this is the great "Jonathan Jackson" Lucky (a sap if I ever saw one) versus the Greg Vaughn Lucky.

    From what I'm reading in the spoilers, Franco is totally messing with Jason's head in all of this. I don't even think that Franco is killed off ... leaving the door open for a return.

    Just my thoughts early this morning !

    Paula Q

  2. Hi Paula!

    Thanks for commenting this morning. You are right, the Davis women were showing their concern for Sam, even if Kristina got sidetracked by her daddy issues. Of course that's a whole other blog post! :)

    Yes, Jonathan Jackson's Lucky is totally different from Greg Vaughan's Lucky. They are writing him totally different. And in my opinon they aren't being subtle enough about this transition, particularly since Lucky is on screen all the time now. When Greg Vaughan was on the show he barely had a storyline and now that JJ is back he is in virtually every scene whether it makes sense for him to be there or not.

    You are right about the spoilers. From what I read on ABC/Soapnet Franco gives Jason an ultimatum. I have also heard that they have invited James Franco to come back on the show later on. Whether he accepted the invitation or not I haven't heard, but that pretty much confirms that he isn't killed off.


  3. Paula,

    Let's try this again - error when I tried to post.
    I think the GH writers were trying to show about Lucky is what happens when you're overstressed, you don't always act like a rational adult (been there, done that). Lucky may have gone after Jason as the symbol of his problems, the representation of evil, whatever.

    What I found a tad bit tedious was Nikolas and his champagne. Give the guy something else to do, please. You're wasting good talent.


  4. Re: James Franco returning to GH. Yes, he'll be back for an upcoming SPECIAL EPISODE that he will also be co-directing. You can read it here -
    (I'm not into the soaps but anything JAMES FRANCO comes my way via email so I thought I'd pass along this bit of info for ya. Since he's been my current 'human interest' for the past 3 yrs I've been blogging about him & his work, etc. If you want to know more you're invited to stop by.)

  5. Hi Peggy!

    Thanks for being persistent in commenting. I think blogger was experiencing technical difficulties late last night and early this morning because I had trouble getting my post to submit in the right font.

    From everything I have seen on a lot of the message boards people are either really irritated with Lucky's behavior yesterday or they viewed it as a reaction to a stressful situation. While I still found his behavior off-putting and a little unnecessary, I can see the argument for both sides. I think what I found most shocking about Lucky's behavior was not his anger at Jason, but the fact that he almost implied that if Sam died she got what she deserved because of the life she chose. I also don't remember him lashing out quite like that all the other times Lulu was in danger, at least not to that extent. Then again, as I said in a previous comment Lucky has only recently been seen regularly on screen.

    I agree with you about Nikolas. I too found those scenes tedious. There were actually quite a few scenes yesterday that I found tedious. The scene with Olivia and Sonny for instance. I don't even really remember anything that was said during their conversation because it was so boring.


  6. Hi Dianna!

    Thanks for dropping by and submitting the info. I have actually read about the subsequent episode, but I also heard that he had been invited to come back for another time besides that. I'm not sure if that is a rumor or just wishful thinking on someone's part though so if you hear anything about that please let me know. Thanks again for taking the time to stop by. If you ever decide to follow soaps feel free to come by and join the fun! :)


  7. Hi Paula's Blog. Short time follower of GH and first time commenter on your blog! So happy to be here on this site. It makes me finally feel like i'm a part of the characters lives! First and foremost here, i am just so happy you made that point about sam! I feel that Lucky's reaction to Jason was completely uncalled for. If I had a girl as beautiful as Sam I believe I would choose her too! As for Lulu, she is nice and pretty and all but Sam is in a league of her own. So in my opinion, due to her beauty and the fact that Jason is with her; SAM gets saved first! Thanks for having such an interactive and respectful blog! Can't wait to comment later ASAP!

  8. Hi Anonymous!

    Thanks for commenting! I hope you are enjoying GH! It sounds like you are having a lot of fun watching it. :) I hope you come back and comment often. And thanks for acknowledging the type of environment I am trying to create and maintain on here!



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