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A Dish Best Served Cold: GH

I must admit that I feel kind of validated because two of my GH predictions have proven correct this week and that almost never happens. As you might recall I have suspected that Suzanne was somehow connected to the Balkan ever since she and Brenda were in Rome. As a result it was relatively easy to make the assumption that she was the one who cut up Brenda's wedding dress. So since these predictions turned out to be correct I thought I would press my luck and try for a few more.

For about the past month or so Carly has been planning to destroy Brenda and Dante with the information she has about "their" baby. I have never actually thought that Brenda and Dante conceived a child together. I think Carly was quick to jump to that conclusion because she wants it to be true. I also do not believe that Brenda's child is dead. I think Suzanne and Theo are keeping him somewhere for one of two reasons. First, either the baby was Alexander's or they believe it was Alexander's and are raising him as their grandchild, or the baby belongs to someone else and they stole him to exact revenge on Brenda for taking their son. If this is true and Alexander was not the father, it is likely that the father is someone from Brenda's past in Port Charles. Personally I think Jax might be the father of Brenda's baby. This is because of Luke's ominous warning to Carly on Tuesday in which he said, "You know Caroline I completely understand what you're doing here because let's face it I've spent half my life plotting revenge against the Cassadine clan and revenge is sweet but there's always collateral damage and you never know when or who it's gonna hit. You might wanna consider that."

I'm not sure if the timing makes sense for this prediction, but that doesn't seem to matter with this show. It's kind of a stretch to think that Dante was old enough to provide protection for Brenda too, but yet here we are. I know one thing for certain though, the potential fallout for a Brenda/Jax child would be endless. To begin with, Carly would be destroyed if she discovered that Jax and Brenda had a baby and so would Sonny for that matter. In addition this would undoubtedly add another layer of complexity to the Jax/Sonny rivalry and would likely spark a reunion at some point between Sonny and Carly.


  1. Paula, you are living inside my head. My message board compadres (The Lante Express)
    and I completely believe “the baby” is Jax’s. I‘ve even named it Baby Karma, because
    Carly NEEDS a karma punch for all the hypocritical crap she has pulled. She has used HER kids endlessly as an excuse for her antics. All the time’s she has slept with Sonny while married to Jax and he stupidly fogave her for them? It’s about time she has to deal with the fall out of Jax having created a child with her “arch enemy”. It’s also about time Sonny (The Sperminator) has to be in the position of the shoe
    being on the” other foot”. That being Jax and a permanent tie to Brenda.

  2. I also believe that Brenda and Dante didn't conceive a child together. I think He was just helping her out because maybe the baby belonged to Alexander, so in order to keep the baby away from the mob Dante stepped in and claimed the baby as his own to help her. I never thought of the fact that maybe Suzanne stole the baby. I didn't think that Brenda was far enough along to have that actually happen. But, of course this is soaps so ANYTHING can be possible.

  3. Hi flacaa6!

    I thought for sure people would think I was out of my noodle for thinking the baby is Jax's! LOL! Glad to know I am not the only one who has been circling around that same idea. I think it would definitely be an interesting twist and would create more storylines. I also think it might make Carly think twice about any future revenge plots.


  4. Hi Jessica!

    I think that's what happened too. I think that was just a part of him helping to protect her and the baby...if it was Alexander's. If it wasn't Alexander's, Alexander may have just believed he was the father and that's why he was stalking Brenda.


  5. Also could someone explain to me why Luke doesn't seem to have a problem with Carly hurting Sonny or Lulu in the most humiliating way possible? Some friend and father he is.

  6. You Too Paula!?!?! That has been snapping the elastic on my panties. Luke grinned like a freakin Banshee while listening to Carly's plan that would not only hurt his "best friend", but would devastate his daughter. He SAW how hurt when she was blindsided discovering Dante's lie of omission already. |:<

  7. I agree that Luke is just sitting back and waiting for the fireworks. I think he is just a man of convenience. He is loyal to Sonny when he wants to be and he is a father figure when he wants to be. He is one man that will not pass up a good show and I think that is what he believes is going to go down at the wedding.

  8. Hi flacaa6!

    Yes-that's "been snapping the elastic on my panties" too! LOL! Talk about a betrayal!


  9. Hi Jessica!

    You are right he is loyal when it suits him. That's the same way his relationship with Tracy works too. I just never thought he would put "a good show" ahead of his own daughter or even Sonny, as much as he claims to always have his back. I would like to see how he would explain himself if Sonny found out he knew about that all along and didn't tell him.


  10. I am loving this idea of a Brenda/Jax baby. Having it all be Carlys fault that it came to light. At first I was thinking maybe Jason/Brenda since all this stuff about Sam wanting a baby came up. But this would a much better drama. But they keep changing the story first it was that Alexander and Brenda never really got close so I never thought it was his baby. I assumed the reason they never got close was because she was already pregnant which is why I knew it was not Dantes. Then Brenda told Dante that she woke up with Suzanne there and she knew she lost the baby which made me the think that Suzanne stole the baby. Then Suzanne told Theo that when she met Brenda she told her she had just lost a baby.

  11. Hi Mrs. Keishaboyd!

    Thanks for commenting! I hope you come back often!

    Yes, GH has a habit of changing the details of the storylines midway through them. Sometimes it's to throw the viewers off (I think) and sometimes I think they just forget things they have already said. I still think Suzanne stole the baby, but I'm not sure if they are going to write it like Brenda knew about it too. I think it would be better if she wasn't in on it, but she probably was, which will probably not make Sonny happy because she lied to him.



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