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Rafe 2.0 Attack of the Clone: DOOL

If you are like me and grew up watching Stefano manipulate and otherwise destroy the Bradys in various science fiction inspired plots, it wasn't too difficult to see the Rafe double coming. Once I realized that Stefano and EJ were planning to bring in a Rafe replacement I thought "great, here we go again, the evil twin plot." While this plot device is another soap staple it is also often used by critics of this genre to point out the absurdity of it. And since DOOL has a tendency to go overboard with this sort of thing that opinion becomes difficult to refute.


I can still recall each of Eileen Davidson's 5 simultaneous roles on the show and I was not looking forward to the prospect of Galen Gering repeating that history. I have to admit though that after seeing this "evil twin" in action I am cautiously optimistic about this additional Rafe. I'm not thrilled with the fact that Stefano and EJ are using Ally as a pawn, in fact I hate it. I'm tired of them using any of Sami's kids in that way. Having said that, I am enjoying Rafe 2.0's interactions with everyone, probably more than I should be. Maybe I'm starved for entertainment or my standards for daytime have drastically decreased after one too many disappointments, but I actually find myself looking forward to seeing how this plays out. I think this is at least partially due to the fact that Stefano did not clone Rafe, but rather gave someone one of his infamous face-altering plastic surgeries. Even though that's strange enough in and of itself, it's still a better plot than having Stefano create a clone. I just couldn't wrap my head around the idea of there being no technology that could save Johnny's eye, while Stefano was across town cloning Rafes.


I know Rafe 2.0 is supposed to be an eeevil twin but he really doesn't seem all that evil. He's more like a cross between #2 and #4 from that Michael Keaton movie "Multiplicity." If you've never seen this movie rent it and you'll know what I'm talking about. This second Rafe actually seems like kind of an innocent, except for the fact that he wasted no time in breaking rule #1 (another "Multiplicity" reference, seriously go rent the movie). One has to wonder where Stefano found this person and what his life was like before he was summoned to take over Rafe's. I hope he is not going to turn out to be a long lost relative since EJ said that he resembled Rafe even before the plastic surgery. As much fun as I'm having right now, I don't think I could stand to see this become something long-term. Although I did enjoy seeing Martha Byrne play both Lily and Rose on ATWT. She consistently gave such stellar performances in both roles that I actually began to see them as two separate individuals and not just one actress. I know DOOL's history though and I know that more than likely they will go too far with this twin thing. I suppose it's possible that Rafe 2.0 could at some point have a sort of reverse plastic surgery to return his face to its original form. Then a new actor could be brought on board to play this second Rafe, allowing for an entirely different character. That would be vaguely reminiscent of the whole John Black and Roman Brady thing. Drake Hogestyn had joined the show as a Roman recast but when Wayne Northrop returned to reprise that role Hogestyn's Roman became John Black, someone Stefano had apparently brainwashed into thinking he was Roman. Regardless of how this storyline turns out I think Stefano and EJ just doubled their trouble.



  1. I first thought that Rafe 2.0 was a little subdued, but after watching today's show, that isn't completely true. I have seen the movie Multiplicity and agree that he is a cross between #2 and #4. He seems slower in responses and actions, but is quick to anger which was evident today. I hope they move the story along at a good pace and make it interesting.

  2. Hi ta1231!

    I'm so glad someone else has seen that movie! I agree I want this story to move along the way it should. I don't want to still be having a conversation about Rafe 2.0 a year from now.



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