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Who Does #2 Work For? Not Me! : DOOL

For those of you who were undoubtedly worried about my sanity after reading my first blog post about Rafe 2.0, worry no more, because after this week's episodes I am officially disenchanted with him. Just as I predicted DOOL has gone too far with the evil twin thing, although much sooner than I expected. Rafe 2.0 was pretty good at providing some comic relief the first few days he was on, but this storyline keeps getting progressively worse and Rafe 2.0 keeps getting more evil. In short...I hate him.

I never liked the fact that Stefano and EJ were threatening to take Ally away from Sami, but I thought, or perhaps hoped these were just empty threats designed to make Rafe cooperate. I never really expected them to risk raising suspicion by following through. Granted EJ had a change of heart, but he didn't put forth much of an effort to ensure Ally's safety. I'm sure Stefano would never be able to reach her in Hong Kong if he wanted to.

At this point I'm not even sure what EJ and Stefano's plan is. I originally thought it was to drive Sami crazy so she would be unable to take care of the kids, but if that is the case it makes no sense for them to try so hard to make Rafe 2 exactly like Rafe 1. Now it seems like it's really more about Sami divorcing Rafe, then not killing EJ once she is alone. I know, that sentence is devoid of all logic and reasoning because one has absolutely nothing to do with the other. This is how EJ explained it to Stefano:
EJ: Look, I want Rafe in the picture just until our man has been able to alienate Johnny and Sydney. Then you see we'll work on Samantha. You see she'll divorce him like that. At which point I'll be married to Nicole. Now Samantha will know that if anything happens to me Nicole will inherit all the legal rights to my children.

Stefano: Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. You've
got it all thought out...

Huh? I don't think so. First of all why does Rafe 1 need to be kept alive just so Rafe 2 can alienate the children? And if they're worried about Sami becoming suspicious because Rafe 2 "forgets" things every now and then, they have the car accident as a cover. Moreover if the goal is for Rafe 2 to alienate the children and eventually Sami why are they trying so hard to make him like Rafe 1? It's not like Sami is going to wake up one morning and say "I'm on to you pal, you're Rafe's evil twin!"

It seems to me that if a storyline had to be concocted that separated Sami from her kids once again, it would have made much more sense and been slightly less disturbing for Stefano and EJ to have kidnapped Sami. They could have made everyone think that she lost her mind and left her family. Then EJ and Nicole would have gotten sole custody of the kids and of course Sami would have been forced to watch the whole thing on a monitor. Then at some point Nicole could have found Sami and been faced with the choice between helping her escape or keeping quiet and continuing to play pretend mommy to Johnny and Sydney. To be clear I'm not advocating this as a possible storyline I'm just saying it would have been a much more effective way for EJ to keep his kids and ensure his safety. In addition it would have been much more believable and it would have spared the viewers from seeing another plot that involved the potential kidnapping of a child. And perhaps most importantly it would have spared them from being introduced to Rafe 2.0!


  1. I have no idea what the plan is either. I hate the storyline but I do love Galen and feel he's doing a great job considering the circumstances. I'd rather have two Rafes instead of two EJs since that would just be a total nightmare. I'm sure my blog posts about Days in no way resemble logic or coherence.


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