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Soap Talk: A Behind the Scenes Look at Daytime After Dark

Those of us who spend our free time either blogging about soaps, hosting soap-themed radio shows, or operating various soap sites do much of our work behind the scenes. People see or hear our finished product but they usually know relatively little about us or the work that goes into maintaining a soap site. This occurred to me the other day when I was talking to Carly, one of the hosts of the increasingly popular blog talk radio show "Daytime After Dark." At some point during our conversation we decided it might be fun if I interviewed her. Hopefully it will offer some incite into why so many of us devote our attention to the soap opera genre.

Carly hosts "Daytime After Dark" alongside Terri and occasionally acts as co-host of "Liason Radio" and "The Rant Room. Like so many other soap sites, Carly tells me she formed "Daytime After Dark" because she felt like daytime viewers needed a voice. She's been doing the show since 2009 and says that she would like to incorporate country music into it as well. She wants to be able to talk to other fans of country music and eventually interview some of its stars. For now though she is enjoying being able to chat with the stars of daytime. She and Terri recently interviewed General Hospital's Bradford Anderson (Spinelli) and Laura Wright (Carly) and she says "that was a dream come true." At some point she would also like to interview Scott Reeves (Steve, GH) and his wife Melissa (Jennifer, DOOL), as well as Steve Burton (Jason, GH) and Rebecca Herbst (Liz, GH). In fact several "Daytime After Dark" shows have focused on keeping Rebecca Herbst on GH. Carly tells me the topic of their next show has not been determined yet, but that they will be on air as scheduled Monday night. On Wednesday night, however "Daytime After Dark" will welcome another guest, former DOOL star Jillian Clare (ex-Abby). This show is scheduled to begin at 7pm PST, however that is subject to change. Therefore everyone should visit "Daytime After Dark's" blog talk radio page to stay up to date on any last minute changes to the schedule. If you are on twitter you can also follow Carly and "Daytime After Dark" to receive timely show info. on there.

Daytime After Dark blog talk radio page
Follow Carly on twitter @daytime6976
Follow "Daytime After Dark" on twitter @DaytimeADradio

"Daytime After Dark" logo posted with permission from Carly


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