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False Accusations: GH

When I watched Friday's GH I was positive Carly destroyed Brenda's wedding dress. She's been acting a little crazy lately anyway and I was sure that Michael's problems finally pushed her over the edge when I heard her conversation with Sonny. I'm sure there was a big part of her that thought it was in Michael's best interest to tell Sonny what happened to him. However it was clear that her primary motivation for talking to Sonny before Michael had a chance to was to make sure he blamed Dante. When that didn't happen she turned her attention to Brenda, implying that she would hurt Sonny, which would in turn hurt Michael. Of course Brenda hurting Sonny is primarily contingent on Carly telling him about Brenda's baby at the wedding. Carly is so worried about how Sonny's reaction to hearing this news will affect Michael, yet she is the one who insists on delivering it and in the worst possible way.

Obviously Carly has issues with Brenda and with seeing the consequences of her own actions, but I don't believe she destroyed the wedding dress. She is obviously being set up by someone who knows how she feels about Brenda. My guess is that Suzanne destroyed the dress. She has unlimited access to Jason's apartment and I'm still very suspicious of her. I'm sure everyone will blame Carly though, just like everyone blames Robin for the crazy things that Lisa does. In fact given everything that Robin has been through with Lisa she might want to be careful about accusing Carly without proof.


  1. Paula,

    I didn't think it was Carly who did it either, but if you think about the chain of events, either someone was in the room when the wedding planner put the dress in there (which is creepy) or everybody just happened to be out of the apartment long enough for someone to sneak in. I know I was so sure it was Carly that I didn't pay attention if Sam was there or not so I guess I'll have to skim through the episode again. I'm just thinking it has something to do with Franco, but maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part.


  2. Hi Peggy!

    Yes, it did look like maybe someone was watching that wedding coordinator or it could have just been framed that way to let the audience know that something was going to happen to the dress. The idea of Franco ran through my mind too. He is coming back in a few weeks and he did have that picture of Brenda a while back. So who knows, you could be right.


  3. Paula,

    I just hope it is because I'm getting tired of the mystery hoodie/Johnny Cash wannabe showing up at odd moments doing something evil.


  4. Suzanne good guess working for balkan theo met with carly and discovered she is against the wedding and dante/brenda he decided to use that info in setting up carly for the fall

  5. Hi Karen!

    I actually forgot about "Theo" knowing that-guessing Suzanne was just a hunch on my part, but now that you have reminded me of that Theo/Carly conversation I may just turn out to be right.


  6. I never believed it was Carly because I think she already has her ammo to ruin the wedding with the baby news. It also confirmed my original thought that it wasn't Carly when she was accused of setting off the sprinkler. She is not stupid enough to leave a card with her name on it. I am with others thinking that this culprit is either The Balkan/Theo, Suzanne(who is looking more and more suspicious every episode.), or Franco.

  7. Nah, I don't think Carly is the saboteur. She makes my head spin 360 on my shoulders, but she's way too smart to leave evidence. Plus she's so gleeful of the "evidence" she thinks she has already. Carly wants people to KNOW she "outed" Brenda. The dress & flood is just penny-ante stuff to her. I also believe it is the Hooter Heaver Suzanne. And yeah I agree when you say she wanted Sonny to blame Dante for what happened to Michael. I loved her scenes with Michael when he told her, but I lost it during her conversation with Sonny. What should have been a convo primarily about their son, became yet another rant about Brenda, Brenda, Brenda.
    Ms.Barrett has nothing whatsoever to do with Michael's recovery IMO. I cannot freakin wait to see how this will play out at the wedding.

  8. Hi flacaa 6!

    "She makes my head spin 360 on my shoulders" LOL! Love that! :)

    It's funny how everything that starts out about Carly's kids ends up being more about her. I don't know why she can't compartmentalize a little bit and focus on the big issue. She's always hated Brenda and her marrying Sonny shouldn't affect Michael one way or another. All Carly has to do is stay quiet. Although I don't think she knows as much as she thinks she does. It was just funny because she was talking to Sonny like "you know I'm not going to have a choice but to ruin things, if you don't marry Brenda I won't have to cause any trouble." lol!


  9. So....if anyone caught yesterday were they as unsurprised as I was (hint - it involves Theo)? My question here is who are the good guys again? I keep thinking Shawn is an undercover agent but maybe wishful thinking on my part?

  10. Hi Peggy!

    I was hoping Shawn was some sort of undercover agent too. They seem to be going out of their way to make him seem like a nice guy so one has to wonder.



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