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Game On: GH

On Friday's General Hospital, Helena started playing more mind games, proving that she is not as frail as she let on in Greece. She informed Elizabeth that she knew about her affair with Nikolas and implied that she would tell Lucky. She even dropped hints of the affair to Luke, who all but ignored them. This did not stop Elizabeth from panicking and contacting Nikolas to tell him that Helena knew about them. Meanwhile, Helena summoned Lucky and implied that she had information that would be valuable to him. Obviously Helena is not going to spill any secrets just yet. She likes to manipulate people too much and enjoys watching them panic. In that respect she is like a female Jerry Jax, using secretive information in order to get what she wants out of people. What is so funny is that everyone seems to know how evil she is, yet Nikolas and Elizabeth seemed shocked that she knew about their affair. Is it so far beyond the realm of possibilities to think that Helena had spy equipment set up at Wyndemere the last time she was in Port Charles? This would certainly explain how she knew about Nikolas and Elizabeth.

Back at the Metro Court, Johnny went to talk to Olivia about the possibility of them continuing their relationship in private, and then using Claudia's involvement in Michael's shooting as leverage to control Claudia. Olivia reluctantly agreed to talk this over with Johnny later on at her apartment. Then they kissed and Johnny left. Unfortunately for them Claudia had been right outside the door through almost the entire conversation, so as soon as Johnny left she confronted Olivia. She even told her about her plans to get Dante to impregnate her. That is when Olivia decided to go tell Sonny the truth. Call me a cynical soap viewer, but there is no way that Olivia will actually get around to telling Sonny about Dante herself. This secret will come out in a way that is most damaging for everyone involved. Moreover, Michael was listening in on Olivia and Sonny's conversation so he will undoubtedly interrupt Olivia before she can reveal anything. This will likely happen when Olivia uses the phrase "your son". Michael will think that Olivia is talking about him and he will burst through the room angry and in the midst of one of his rage episodes. Unfortunately this will leave Dante in an impossible situation.

After having already decided not to sleep with Claudia despite her threats to reveal his true identity, Dante met her in the hotel room she rented for them to tell her this in person. I am not sure why Dante felt the need to deliver this news in person. Perhaps he was making a misguided attempt at being chivalrous or just exercising some good old-fashioned manners, but it seems to me that when someone is blackmailing you, delivering a message via text or e-mail would suffice. Granted someone might find these messages later on if you were careless enough not to erase them, but that would still be preferable to the risk of falling into a trap. As a detective Dante might want to think about these things in the future. In fact this advice could have served him well prior to entering Claudia's hotel room because once he turned her down she threatened Olivia. So now Dante is in the vulnerable position of being alone with Claudia in a hotel room, with only a split-second to make a decision. If only he had taken advantage of modern technology, then he would at least have the luxury of time.


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