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Losing Ground: GH

It would appear that time is running out for Claudia, as the truth about her involvement in Michael's shooting finally comes to the surface. Unfortunately the one person who may be able to save her has been kidnapped by rival mobster, Joey Limbo, on orders from Anthony Zacchara. Anthony instructed Joey to lock Johnny away in a safe location so that Joey could go after Sonny and Jason without Johnny getting caught in the crossfire. Johnny almost managed to escape, but was quickly forced back into captivity, effectively preventing him from warning Claudia that her life was in danger. Meanwhile, an oblivious Claudia was preoccupied with the birthday party Sonny decided to throw her. Of course she managed to make a little time to threaten Olivia, convinced that she knew were Johnny was. Claudia even made plans to tell Sonny about Dante at the party, but something tells me that she may not get that chance. On the other hand, Sonny didn't appear to have much of a reaction to hearing the audio CD of Claudia ordering the hit, so Jason may have a difficult time convincing him that the recording is authentic and not something Spinelli fabricated.

Elsewhere in Port Charles, Luke, who had been drinking all night after seeing Elizabeth and Nikolas kissing, met with Lucky on the pier. I am not sure what Luke hoped to accomplish by having this meeting because it is obvious that he is not going to tell Lucky what he saw. In fact Luke's part of the conversation primarily consisted of vague warnings directed at Lucky to be sure that he and Elizabeth were in agreement about their future. The futility of the conversation that Lucky had with Luke, and then Nikolas and Liz later on, proves that he has no one in his life that will be honest with him. It seems to me that if everyone is so worried about Lucky returning to drugs, the worst thing they could do is keep secrets from him that affect his future, while talking to him in riddles. And I know Luke is not exactly a picture of sobriety, but I cannot understand how the sight of Elizabeth kissing Nikolas prompted him to go on an all night binge. Instead of drinking, perhaps Luke should consider having a long overdue talk with Nikolas about his sudden preoccupation with destroying the lives of both Lucky and Ethan.


  1. Hi Paula,

    I too thought that Luke getting drunk because he caught Niz in the act was a little strange/over the top. But, then I thought about how much he loves Lucky and Liz for that matter and doesn't want to hurt them (by telling Lucky). He is no one to throw stones at Liz considering his past indiscretions so the alternative was to simply plant a seed of doubt in Lucky's head so he can find his own way. We'll see if it works. It seemed to work somewhat because when he was talking to Nikolas he said, "the other 1/4 of him is usually dead-on". On a side note, I thought it was funny that during all of JJ's scenes, those playing opposite him had only a few lines (Luke,Nik,Liz). JJ had these long monologues and the rest just looked doe-eyed at JJ. But who's complaining...NOT ME!!! lol....I am eager to see how this triangle plays out and can't wait until Lucky pounces on Nikolas like the good old days! :)

  2. I still wish Luke would put Nikolas in his place, considering that this so-called Dark Prince has been making things so difficult for both of his sons. On the other hand, I am assuming GH is saving up for the big fallout, where Lucky finally realizes that everyone has been keeping secrets from him in order to protect him. I can only imagine how that will affect the progress he has made on his rehab.

  3. I can't wait! I think Luke will eventually confront Nikolas, even before Lucky finds out. There goes 10 years of (semi)peace keeping between Luke and Nik. It should be interesting to see if Lucky falls off the wagon because of this.

  4. Hi FutureTeach11

    Yeah, there should be some interesting dynamics that come out of the Luke/Nikolas relationship when all is said and done, particularly if they bring Laura back at some point. If J.J. has to play out the addict aspect of his character that should be interesting as well.


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