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Loose Ends: GH

On Friday's General Hospital Jason finally found the proof he had been looking for, that Claudia was indeed responsible for Michael's shooting. After it was discovered that an audio CD of a phone conversation between Devlin and Claudia contained too little information, Jason and Sam returned to GH to search for more clues. Upon arriving, they learned from Epiphany that the hospital was cleaning out the lost and found bin, which is of course, where the proof was hiding all along. I have to say this was the last place I thought Jason would find the CD that finally implicated Devlin, Jerry, and Claudia. This just seems too convenient, especially considering how long it has been since Michael's shooting. And the timing is too perfect too, the fact that Jason and Sam would just happen to be around when Epiphany told Robin and Patrick to check the lost and found for belongings. Considering that this storyline has been so lengthy it seems like a waste to rush its resolution. It is as if the ending of this storyline has been sacrificed to meet the deadline of Sarah Joy Brown's departure from the show. And as a viewer that is a little dissatisfying. Having said that, a big part of me is relieved to finally see an end in sight. I am even more relieved that Michael is finally seeing Claudia for who she is, rather than who she wants him to see. I just hope that he doesn't somehow tip her off about remembering what Jerry said to him. Although the more I think about it the more convinced I am that that is exactly what he will do. Claudia receiving some sort of advanced warning so that she may leave town is arguably the only way this storyline could end. As I have said before I cannot imagine Sonny or Jason actually killing Claudia. No female viewer, of which I am sure GH has many, would want to see Jason or Sonny kill a woman, even if that woman is Claudia. Not to mention the fact that if Claudia survives, writing in her return to Port Charles will be that much easier. And let's face it, GH will definitely want to bring Sarah Brown back to the show at some point.

I must say that I am having difficulty seeing how Sonny and Claudia's trip to Puerto Rico is significant to this storyline. This feels like an idea that was just thrown together in order to give viewers a chance to see Sonny and the original Carly behave like a real couple before Brown's exit from the show. And since virtually everyone knows when her last air date is, it is a little too late to become invested in something like this. On the other hand it is entirely possible that the reason for showcasing the inherent closeness between these two characters is simply to justify Sonny's confliction about punishing Claudia. If indeed Sonny does have reservations about punishing her once he learns the truth, this could provide a plausible exit for Claudia. It would also leave Sonny more guilt-ridden and tormented than ever, which should make for some interesting storylines.


  1. Here are my thoughts. I agree that the ending of the Claudia story feels rushed, but I think it feels that way, because we know that Sarah Brown is leaving. I must say, this is one of the things that I really do not like about Soaps. I hate that they tell us when people are coming or going. I like being surprised. As far as Sonny or Jason killing Claudia...what about Sam? Maybe she kills Clauida to save Jason or someone else involved. It is well know that Sarah Brown did not like playing the character of Claudia, so I think it is very possible that the character will get killed off. Adn, by killing Claudia, Sonny then has no more ties to the Zacarras, and that could lead to some interesting mob war stories. I like the mob stuff. Just a few thoughts of myt own.

  2. Hi Anonymous!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.I think part of the reason this storyline feels rushed is the fact that we know Sarah Brown is leaving. It is like reading the last page of a book first.On the other hand I still feel like the evidence was found too easily considering how long and hard they have been looking for it. With this being such a lengthy storyline, perhaps I was just expecting something more explosive than Jason and Sam spending 5 seconds going through the lost and found bin and finding the CD just like! Also I think I kind of assumed at some point someone would find the proof in those DVD's that Jerry hid all over Sonny's house. They popped up for so long, it seems like a waste to just ignore them now that we are at the end.

    The idea of Sam killing Claudia would definitely be more acceptable to me than Sonny or Jason killing her. At the same time I hate to see them kill off this character because I know at some point GH will want to bring Brown back and I am tired of them re-using their actors for different characters. I don't think it has worked out so well with the whole Rebecca and Emily thing and I would hate for them to try for a third character with Brown, you know? The only third character I can see them bringing her back as is like a long lost twin of Claudia's, someone that Anthony forced his wife to give away when she was born because he didn't want any more girls. Someone who would feel even more unloved than Claudia. lol!

  3. Good summary! I was also disappointed in the way the evidence was found. I think Sam had like 4 lines the entire time and her line of (paraphrasinh) "oh...yep...there it is", was extremely forced and not believable when the cd's turned up. I wonder if Sam (Kelly Monaco), is on her way out the door? I hope not! I love JaSam. In regards to Claudia, I have a feeling they are going to have her go off a cliff or something (Brenda, anyone?), that way the door will be open for her return. It would be to unsatisfying to the Claudia haters (of course we love Sarah Brown though), to have her simply get away before Sonny and Jason have their revenge. I agree though, that they won't be the ones who "kill her", but she will definitely "die" somehow. IMO :)

  4. Hi FutureTeach11!

    Thanks for commenting! Yeah, as it turned out Sam didn't play a very big part in the uncovering of the evidence. I do hope that she isn't on her way out though. I like this character and I like her with Jason. It would be really disappointing to the fans if they cut the JaSam romance short the same way they did with Liason.

    You are probably right about Claudia. She probably will exit the show in a classic soap opera "death" scene, where she can be easily brought back.


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