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On the Line: GH

Thursday's General Hospital began in true, classic soap form, beginning with an old-fashioned cat fight between Olivia and Claudia. The so-called "cat fight" used to be a soap staple, but for some reason is rarely ever seen these days. If there was ever a need to bring one back, Claudia and Olivia's ongoing feud certainly called for one. Unfortunately before Olivia could get too many hits in, the police busted through the hotel room and promptly arrested her for assault, or attempted murder, depending on whether they believed Claudia's claims. Nevertheless, Mac quickly let Olivia go, while Claudia finished getting ready for her birthday party, unaware that it might be her last.

Meanwhile, Jason replayed the CD implicating Claudia in Michael's shooting, so that Sonny could hear it again. Afterwards Sonny became eerily calm, so much so that it was difficult to tell whether he was in denial or plotting revenge. Jason assumed that he was in denial, or worse, that he wasn't phased by the information enough to actually want to punish Claudia. I think it is safe to say that Sonny was definitely not in denial. All one had to do was look at the way he smiled at Claudia to realize the sudden contempt he had for her. As the saying goes, "If looks could kill", well, Claudia would have been dead before they cut the cake.

Elsewhere, Johnny remained in captivity. Fortunately for him Molly and Morgan just happened to be walking by and successfully pulled off his rescue. While I am usually not a big fan of soaps placing people, especially kids, in situations that they normally wouldn't be in, just to propel the storyline, I felt that this scene included enough detail to provide plausibility. Molly and Morgan happened to be in the same location as Johnny because Molly needed a water sample for her science project. That makes sense because Molly mentioned this project a few weeks ago when she snuck into Sam's apartment. It also makes sense that Alexis would throw Molly's previous sample away, causing her to need more water. Everyone knows that Alexis has been a little scattered lately. And since she made such a big deal about Molly being at Sam's, it is only logical that Molly would need to seek out another location for her replacement sample. Furthermore, it is reasonable to assume that Morgan and Molly would risk their lives to help Johnny because Morgan grew up around danger and Molly has surely romanticized it from reading all those books. And I can't ignore the fact that Morgan rescuing Johnny provides a certain ironic twist, with Morgan saving the one person intent on saving Claudia, the woman responsible for getting his own brother shot. Whether Johnny's rescue allowed him to get to the party in time to save Claudia remains to be seen, but it would appear that Carly's timing could not have been worse.


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